*2 Locations* POSITION IN BUSAN, Direct Hire


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< Macleans Academy >
We have three branches.
1. Haeundae: Marine city
2. Dongnae: Line 2, Sajik Station
3. Namgu: Yongho-dong

*Currently hiring for 1&3

1) Starting Date: March, 4th (or earlier)
2) Teaching Dates: Monday to Friday
3) Working Hours: 1:00 - 8:00pm
4) Teaching Hours: 1:50 - 7:30pm
5) Student Level: aged 4 - 13 (Korean age)
6) Salary: starting from 2.4mil won per month (depending on experience)
(housing allowance is seperate from salary)
7) Vacation Days: 12 paid holidays
8)Housing: Allowance 300k or can be provided
9) Visa Types: Any, E2 can be provided

* Salary, housing allowance can be negotiated depending on the experience
** Must be in Korea currently to apply

This is a great position for someone who loves kids and is passionate about children’s literature. The kids are responsive and ready for fun, and you have a lot of leeway with how you want to teach the syllabus. Lessons can use picture books, films, textbooks, or animated series based on the kids’ levels. You can communicate very effectively with the administration to adjust the syllabus if it’s not a good fit for the students. The administration really wants what’s best for the kids and doesn’t micromanage. So, responsible teachers are welcomed :)

I(director) was also raised overseas, so there are no communication issues. This school has been growing since the Haeundae location opened in 2021 and has great managing staff and teachers.

Please send in a resume via e-mail.
All enquires via email. Thanks!

Monica Lee
[email protected]

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