WOODY ALLEN Retrospective


Saturday, August 22, 2009 - 13:30


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WOODY ALLEN Retrospective


Little Big WOODY 


* Period: 26 July(Sun.) ~ 23 August(Sun.) (Closed on Mondays)

* Place: Cinematheque Pusan



- The Best artist in Comedy since Charlie Chaplin, Woody Allen

Cinematheque Pusan will screen 18 Woody Allen's features, by the title of Little Big WOODY, 26 July through 23 August. He is often said one of the best artist in Comedy since Charlie Chaplin. He grabs the anxiety and helplessness of city people and puts them into his features with his warm heart. Please find the extraordinary world of Woody Allen harmonized with the brilliant sense of humor and challenging variation of style.



* List


<Take the Money and Run> 1969, 84min, 35mm, Color, USA
<Bananas> 1971, 82min, 35mm, Color, USA
<Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask> 1972, 87min, 35mm, Color, USA
<Sleeper> 1973, 88min, 35mm, Color, USA
<Love and Death> 1975, 85min, 35mm, Color, France/USA
<Annie Hall> 1977, 93min, 35mm, Color, USA
<Interiors> 1978, 93min, 35mm, Color, USA
<Manhattan> 1979, 96min, 35mm, B&W, USA
<Stardust Memories> 1980, 88min, 35mm, B&W, USA
<Zelig> 1983, 79min, 35mm, Color/B&W, USA
<Broadway Danny Rose> 1984, 84min, 35mm, B&W, USA
<The Purple Rose of Cairo> 1985, 82min, 35mm, Color/B&W, USA
<Hannah and Her Sisters> 1986, 103min, 35mm, Color, USA
<Radio Days> 1987, 88min, 35mm, Color, USA
<Another Woman> 1988, 81min, 35mm, Color, USA
<Crimes and Misdemeanors> 1989, 104min, 35mm, Color, USA
<Bullets Over Broadway> 1994, 98min, 35mm, Color, USA
<Deconstructing Harry> 1997, 96min, 35mm, Color, USA



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* SUBWAY: Dongbaek Station, Line 2 (Exit 3)

- It takes about 10 minutes to walk to Cinematheque Pusan from bus stops and subway station.

* Address: Cinematheque Pusan, 1393-1, Woo1-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan, 612-797, KOREA
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