Sindosi & Taepyeong Sigan @ HQ Gwangan


Saturday, April 27, 2024 - 22:00


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On Saturday, April 27th, HQ Gwangan's happy to host one of our favorite local indie bands and a new but already pretty legendary band coming down from Daegu! Here's details about the lineup:

신도시 (Daegu)
Featuring members of March Kings, one of my favorite Korean indie bands ever, Sindosi cites post-punk and British indie (especially the 90's Manchester scene) as influences. This is their first time playing HQ, but everybody I know in Daegu (and friends who've seen them at Ovantgarde in Busan) say they're absolutely fantastic. Check'em out at:

태평시간 (Busan)
Featuring members of 우리들, 소음발광, Greenvilla, and Barbie Dolls, 태평시간 are an outstandingly noisy indie four-piece that makes music to swoon to. They recently released their first EP, "Love Candle"--check it at:

There's a 5000 Won cover for the show, and 100% of that will go to the performing bands--it ain't cheap to rent a practice space, travel out to Busan, etc. plus these kids are great, so give 'em some cash for playing... and HQ's drinks are cheap, I promise! Music starts at 9:30. Get out here, friends.