ROKD Fundraiser - Burning Hepburn, Roadrunner & more @ The Brickhouse


Saturday, July 16, 2011 - 21:30


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Coming back with another great fundraiser party for The Great Daejeon Halloween party! Its a fundraiser! A promotional party for ROKD! An album release for ..Whatever That Means! A costume party! A 60's garage themed After part! It's...The Love-in Of The Living Dead!
(See below for details on bands, directions, travel times, admission etc.)

Once again co-hosted byt the awesome people at​KD.Republic.Of.Korea.Derby?ref=ts come join them as celebrate their first league practice in Daejeon! (click the link and 'like' the page to find out more about the league or how to check out their practice)

With Live music from:
..Whatver That Means (seoul)
Burning Hepburn (Daejeon)
Roadrunner (Seoul)
Tiger Summer (Cheonan)
Admission: W8000/W6000 with 'Dress code' (see below)
Time: Doors open 9:00, show starts about 9:45

...Whatever That Means- (for fans of The Descendents, Social Distortion, Bad Religion) From Seoul, ..WTM will be celebrating the release of their long-awaited Debut Full-Length "Sounds From The Explosion",to hear some samples and find out more about them check 'em out here:​ateverthatmeansmusic

Burning Hepburn- Daejeon's pride and Joy! Burning Hepburn are going to be bringing signature style of anthemic punk n' roll and infectious ska-grooves to bare on a crowd of drunken whinos! Heroes of last year's Daejeon Rock Festival brought both the house and, quite literally, the stage with an unforgettable performance at Kotra Park last October!​ch?v=Vm16HTNQLVM​ch?v=JdDn7IDQdys&feature=r​elated

Roadrunner- A great, young skate-punk band out of Seoul. This will be their first time playing outside the capital so let's give 'em a Daejeon welcome!

Tiger Summer-The newest addition to Cheonan's music scene, this trio of brilliant singer of songwriters deliver an awesome array of acoustic driven indie rock. They're the like the Travelling WIlburys of Weigooks.

After-Party: DJ playing 1960's garage, psych, proto-punk, beat and other assorted one-hit wonder goodies from the golden age of rock and roll (with maybe a little surf, ska and soul from that era as well)
Admission: W8,000 or W6,000 if you meet the dress code.
Dress code: Zombies vs. Hippies- interpret as you like..but make it colourful.

Getting to Daejeon:
From Seoul- 1hr 30-2hrs by bus, by KTX about 45 minutes
From Daegu-- 1h 30 min by bus, by KTX about 40 minutes
From Cheonan 1hr by bus, 20 min. by KTX
From Busan 3hr 30 min by bus, 2hr by KTX
From Cheong-ju 30-35 min. by bus.

Getting to BrickHouse:
Take a taxi to Hwamily Hotel, abou2-4,000 from either the bus Terminal or the KTX. With your back to the hotel head left 2-4 blocks, Brick House will be on your left on the 2nd floor.