[New] Korean Language Classes, 1-month FREE trail


Wednesday, August 2, 2023 - 14:00


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[New] Korean Language Classes that you want! With Your Taste, Try Free Trial Classes!

----Hello, JOINUS KOREA, a language and culture NGO invites you to a new event in Noeul Korean Class ----

In the upcoming September, the JK Korean language class will hold a free Korean language class event for foreigners living in Korea! Our classes are perfect for anyone who wants to learn the Korean language, explore Korean culture, or prepare for the TOPIK test.

-- Enrollment period: ~ August 20th, 2023 (Enrollment is confirmed after you deposit into the account)

-- Event duration: During September ( 1 month )

-- Note: the first month (Trial event period) proceeds for free.

Instead, there is a deposit (30,000 KRW) upon application, which is refundable.

--Refund policy

Refunds are possible in the following cases:

1) notice of no-show 24 hours before the class starts

2) cancel after more than 2 attendances.

3) cancel since the class for your level doesn't open

--Learning Period : Sep 3rd ~ Feb 25th ( 6 months ),

( The final class schedule will be determined once the class composition is finalized, but generally, it takes place every Sunday afternoon. )

-- Tuition Fee: 150,000 KRW ( USD 150) for 6 months

(우리은행(WOORI BANK) / 1006-601-456313 / 조인어스코리아)

(donation for program sustainability / tax-deductible)

► Class Details

Durationo : 2 hrs class (+1 hou : free talking only during offline class)

► Registration : https://bit.ly/jk-korean2023fallfm

► Inquiry : https://linktr.ee/contact.jk

Experience the Korean language and Korean culture!

Conversation & Grammar, Free talking, K-wave, and TOPIK classes are provided and there is also some spare time to share Korean culture together during class.

Don’t miss this opportunity to prepare for TOPIK exams or learn a simple conversation in Korean.

It will be a good opportunity to listen to and practice speaking Korean and experience Korean culture through face-to-face classes.

함께해주셔서 감사합니다! --‍♀️❣️

언어문화NGO 조인어스코리아


-- See bio to learn more about JK KOREAN ACADEMY !

❣️ visit: https://linktr.ee/learnkorean

More Than Language & Culture --❤-- JOINUS KOREA (SEOUL City Certified Language & Culture NGO)


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