The Ha-Ha Hole Comedy Open Mic in PNU


Friday, April 1, 2011 - 22:00

Hello Buckaroos!  Uncle Ha-Ha here, is it time for that special once a month visitor again?  You bet!  

Come Friday April 1, 2011 at 10:00p.m. the laughs will commence at SOULTRANE in PNU. The Ha-Ha Hole audience has been giving so much love to the bar for the past six months that Asian Talent Agent with SuperDawg/Dirty Chicken productions Matt Schmidt has arranged for non other than SINBAD to make an appearance during a break from the Asian leg of his pre-summer warmup tour!  Mr. Schmidt has even hinted to buying a shot (probably nasty-but free) at the end of the show for everyone in attendence.  This is Busan's chance to show the SuperDawg/Dirty Chicken folks how we do it!

Things have also turned a bit of a corner as The Ha-Ha Hole has been offered sponsorship by some local Busan business, just for putting up some banners on the side of the stage.  That means there will be tons of audience give aways and door prizes!  Some of the confirmed prizes at time of posting follow:

3 free one hour massages at Sam Park's in Yeonsandong

2 large  pizzas of your choice from Mr. Pizza PNU location

1 free sausage all-you-can-eat dinner at Ben Bak's in PNU

Birthday party for up to 15 people at Namaste

5 free wax treatments by Jeon Hazelton in his Seomyeon location

10 free spa entries for Spaland at Shinseggae

2 foot long hotdogs or chili dogs (raw or cooked) at Kim Scraggs Meat House in Gwangali

4 buffet tickets to Maris in Jangsan 

1 month of guitar lessons at Angry Lee's  House of Music in Cheonan

7 free straight razor shaves at Roy Lee's Stylish Salon in Kyungsung

1 semester of free one on one language lessons (choose from four dialects) donated by Johnny The Lee of PNU

A 90 minute behind the scenes tour of Matt Bak's Crab & Crab Parts Cannery in Pohang

One free consulation from Praht's Colonics in Yeongsandong and fifty percent off recommended services and follow-up cleanings

One month unlimited deep tissue massage's at Min Je Bibby's Tissue Dream and Massage Lounge in Busanjin

More prizes will be added! 

The stage is open to all performers, especially first timers!  The only requirement being that you try and make the audience laugh.  Sing a song, tell a joke, do an impersonation, make out with a random member of the audience, show nake pictures of Carol O'Connor, strip naked yourself, doing anything to make people laugh is acceptable. 

UPDATE 3-31-2011*** In honor of the anniversary of Mitch Hedberg's death, his sister (who just happens to be a visiting instructor at Pusan National University) has graciously offered to read a few of his unpublished poems.  She promises they 'will be quite funny or at least interesting.' 

Hosted by the one and only Chris Tharp!!!

Sign-up for performers begins at SoulTrane at 9:30 in the p.m.


See everyone at the show-




Mitch Hedberg, really?

Mitch Hedberg's sister lives in Busan?  Small world.  When did that guy die?  I had no idea he wrote poetry.  He must have been a sensitive soul.  Now he is just dead.  Hope his 'poetry' is as funny as he was.  It will be freaky if his sister looks just like him.  Worse, yet, if she looks like Nick Hazelton in a wig.  Guess we will find out tonight.

Waxing by Jeon Hazelton

Five free waxes from Jeon Hazelton?  I know a whole load of people who could use some free waxing.  Personally, I think Mr.Hazelton is a fantastic waxer.  He treats it like an art form instead of a job.  One question, will it be one person receiving five wax treatment certificates or five people receiving one gift card?  I think a whole bunch of people that need waxing will be there, regardless of the logistics of the whole thing.  Thanks in advance for your waxing services and charity, Mr. Hazelton.