Boryeong Mud Festival 2012


Monday, July 16, 2012 - 11:00


Event Type:

Period: July. 16. 7 . 2011 ~ July. 24. 7 . 2011 / 9 days
Place: Daecheon Beach
Host: Boryeong-city
Managed by: Boryeong Mud Festival Organizing Committee
Sponsored by: Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Korea National Tourism Organization, Chungcheongnam-do Province, Welcome to Korea Inc., Korea Midland Power Co. Ltd. & Boryeong Reactor
Contact Information
- Related department: Chungnam Boryeong-city Tourism Dep.
- Address: Chungnam Boryeong-city Seongjusanro77 (Zipcode 355-701)
- Telephone No.: 041) 930-3820    041) 930-3822
- Fax No: 041) 930-3757
Interpretation service
- English: 010-5438-4865
- Japanese: 010-6717-5759
- Chinese010-2031-2270


Experience Events
Date & Time: 7.17~7.25 / 9 days 10:00~19:30
Location: Dae-Cheon Beach & Namgok-dong Mudflat
- Every facilities is produced in air-bounce (Air tube) type for safety
- Fun and exciting experience provided through enlarged facilities
- Safe & various activities operated with safeguard posted for every facility
- Professional interpreter available throughout the festival
Mudfall adventure
Placecitizens tower square
- 12m in diameter, 6m in height of mudpool & mudfall facility
- Event with scheduled noise sound to gather the tourists and pouring mud
from 5m high
Mud raining tunnel
PlaceCitizens tower square
- 8m in width, 25m in length of tunnel with mud raining air-bounce facility
- Event with a set-up at the front gate of the festival to wet the visitors with mud while entering
Conquering Mud Peak
PlaceCitizens tower, Mud plaza
- Competition to grab a flag on a diameter 10m×height 3m high hill
- A game which many can participate
. Mudpool sliding
PlaceFountain square
- 5m in width, 15m in length, 8m in height of air-bounce slide
- Falling into mudpool followed by sliding providing whole body mud massage
Ringing bell fastest in the mud
PlaceCitizens tower square
- 10m×5m×3m size of air-bounce facility
- Speed game to run and ring the bell first when all started at the same time
. Kid’s Mudland
PlaceCitizens tower, Mus plaza, fountain square
- 12m in length, 4m in height, Air-bounce Kid’s bath with slides
- Mud experiences only for kids & open space provided
Mud Supersliding
PlaceCitizens tower square
- 44m in length, 12m in height, 9m in width of air-bounce slide
- Sporting game program with enlarged facilities for extra fun
Mudsliding in pairs
Placecitizens tower square
- 3 × 3m, 30m in length of air-bounce slide
- Sliding experience towards the sea for lovers, friends and families in pairs
Prison of mud
PlaceCitizens tower square
- 3m×4m size of prison setup
- Surprise event for tourists who does not have mud on by imprisoning in the mud prison
Colored Mud Zone
PlaceCitizens tower square, Dae-Cheon Beach
- Charged massage service in certain places posted with professional massagers
- Differentiated from original self-mudmassage
- Advised to color according to each theme and join the parade
Mud Mob-Scene
PlaceCitizen tower square, beach, etc
- A game operated during a set time with a certain rule given in a 
  place provided
- By creating a festive atmosphere, community awareness and involvement 
  could be drawn from the participants
- Specific shape with different colors are drawn on the face and body to 
  divide their role
- In every 2~3 hours a specific place is divided, providing separate operation 
  for participants and audiences
- Time taken for each scene is 30~40mins, and participation could be increased 
  by running 4~5 different programs on each day
Making mud soap
PlaceTemporal booth in main site (Mongolian tent)
- Making soap mixing natural mud powder, aroma oil, natural color etc and 
  pouring the molten into metal character-shaped tin
- Children, etc. An event where any tourists can participate (\3,000 each)
Mud handprinting
PlaceTemporal booth in main site (Mongolian tent)
- Handprinting with mixed natural mudpowder and clay for the requestors
- Souvenir for the visitors of the festival
- Single & paired produce of self-participated event (\1,000 per person)
Mud pottery & making mud character
PlaceTemporal booth in main site (Mongolian tent)
- Mud pottery: Make a pot and engrave own words
- Mud Character: Knead the mud and make a festival character
- Around \8,000 of low-priced event where any tourists can participate
Giant mudbath
PlaceCitizens tower, Mud plaza
- Round air-bounce mudbath of diameter 10m
- Various activities provided to draw interest and bring up the atmosphere
Self-mudmassage in beach
PlaceSelf-massage facility set up in sandy beach
Size120 facilities (100 in Citizens tower square, 20 in fountain square)
- Self-mud massage provided for tourists who want to enjoy tanning on the beach
- Huge concave & convex mirror installed to provide special atmosphere
- Open space provided & enlarged facility to provide experiencing atmosphere
Mud dummying(Sculpture photo zone)
- 5 Men and women who wishes to participate could put on a mud make-up 
  and present themselves as dummies
- Photo zone is provided for the tourists to take a picture with the character 
  displays & mud sculptures
Mudflat extremes
Date7.17(Sat)~7.25(Sun) / 9days
PlaceCostalroad(Mudflat experiencing site), Namgok-dong Mudflat, Boryeong-city
- Various program from military camp experience, game, to marine corp.’s 
  military drill experience - Reception desk installed in the main site to receive participants and to 
  promote the activity - Provisional bookings (internet) & receiving participants during the festival 
  season is available - Free bus run from main site (car park) to mudflat extremes site (costalroad) ※Departing location: Roadside in the piazza, Entrance of the Citizens tower 
Mudflat skiing
Date7.17(Sat)~7.25(Sun) / 9days
PlaceCostalroad (Mud experiencing site), Namgok-dong Mudfalt, Boryeong-city
- Activity along with the mudflat extremes
- 50m of return trip contest with hand-made ski made directly from 
  the mudflat
- Slope is added to the course for greater fun
Mudflat obstacle marathon
Date7.17(Sat)~7.25(Sun) / 9days
PlaceCostalroad(Mud experiencing site), Namgok-dong Mudfalt, Boryeong-city
- Shortened 10km marathon with obstacles in mudflats
- Different experience provided from wide and spacious natural mudflat
- Provisional bookings (internet) & receiving participants during the 
  festival season is available
- Free bus run from main site (car park) to mudflat experiencing site(costalroad)
National Mud futsal championship
Date7.17(Sat)~7.25(Sun) / 9days
PlaceInside the Mud experiencing site, Namgok-dong Mudflat, Boryeong-city
- 5:5 type of mini-football championship
- Futsal tournament with Boryeong citizens, organizations and 
  nationally recruited players
National Mud futsal championship
Date7.17(Sat)~7.25(Sun) / 9days
PlaceInside the Mud experiencing site, Namgok-dong Mudflat, Boryeong-city
- 5:5 type of mini-football championship - Futsal tournament with Boryeong citizens, organizations 
  and nationally recruited players
High-tech mud massage (Charged)
DateFestival season & All year around
PlaceMassage room in Mud Skin-care Center
- Beauty care and massage provided by professional massagers 
  with attendants