Attack of the Theme! Quiz Night @ Yellow Taxi Daejeon


Thursday, October 6, 2011 - 22:30


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We here at Daejeon Trivia have decided that we needed a little more spice and a lot more theme in our life, so this Thursday come on down to Yellow Taxi for a whole night of theme rounds.

No more boring political events questions for us; next Thursday we will be presenting 4 rounds of theme questions and 2 rounds from our guest presenter, Shayan.

Tentative themes are: Disney, 90s boy/girl bands, sports, and a few more that the others won't share. :)

Each round will still feature 10 questions, with a total of six rounds for the night. Same rules for teams: max of 5 people and 5,000 won per person. The game starts at 10:30.

Pop culture here we come!