2nd Annual Dalmaji Outdoor Canada Day Festival


Saturday, June 30, 2012 - 14:00


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I just got confirmation from Haeundae Gu Office. The Festival is on!

So, for now, would anyone who wants to play on the stage please send me (Collwyn) a message, or write on this event page. You must play at least one Canadian song. 캐나다의 노래 한나 불어야한다. Beginners and Amateurs welcome. We'll have drums, bass amp, two guitar amps, and two microphones.

So far, artists include: Tommy Nova Scotia, Steven Hoose, Brown-Canadian Dave, Jake and the S-bombs, and Soon-su and the Bottles.

Music will be from roughly 2pm-6pm. Saturday, June 30 (6/30).
But feel free to come earlier.
6월 30일 2시부터 6시가찌 음악회 열다


Directions - Walking/Taxi

Taxi - The name of the amphitheater in Korean is 달맞이 어울마당. Not all taxi drivers are familiar, however, so if this doesn't work, from Haeundae or Jangsan tell the taxi driver - Dalmaj-gili, Alexander Shikdang or Alexander Restaurant. 

Walking from Haeundae Beach (give yourself 20-30 minutes):
Facing the ocean, turn left and walk all the way to the end of the beach, past the Paradise Hotel and Pale de CZ. Take a left at the end of the beach up the hill. At the top of the hill you'll come to a large intersection. Take the right up the hill on a tree-lined walkway. Walk for about 20 minutes. You'll eventually come to an area full of coffee shops. It's just a bit further on your left, across the street from the Alexander Restaurant (restaurant gaudily decorated with statues) and down hill through the trees.

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