Kim Mee Ja Vegetarian Buffet


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Kim Mee Ja Veggie Buffet is located between Kyungsung and Bukyoung Universities.  

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Located on the 4th floor of the 'MoMa Cafe' building

Price is W12,000 for adults, W7,000 for children. 

All foods are vegan and they have a decent supply of vegetarian ingredients for sale as well.
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Open Sunday~Friday (closed Saturdays)
Lunch: noon~3pm
Dinner: 5:30pm ~ 9pm

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Re: Kim Mee Ja Vegetarian Buffet

Exit 5 kyungsung subway. turn around at top then walk round corner and down the road for maybe 3-5 mins and look for the 'momo cafe ' signs on your side of the road.  If you end up opposite the Pukyong university main gate you've gone too far.

This map may help..(subway at top of pic - you need to get to the "A" - lower center of pic)

This place is awesome

Its really really good/tasty~

Im a 9 year veggie from manchester Uk and it was a blessing to find this place and the loving huts in busan, theres the other place in seomyeon but, I have never felt as welcome int he 6-7 years in korea as this place, for instance, it says it closes at 9pm but after racing there from my "npaid extra hours" at cdi I got there at 8.30 and the were closing up and then ushered me in, gave me a whole heap of stuff and then refused to let me pay...and im a scruffy looking big guy with a beard, piercings and dreadlocks! go figure, any jaded preconceptions went right ot the window.

Its a lovely place with some delicious food! (the food is better earlier on but good throughout)

Definately worth a visit veggie or notm my wife loves it and shes not veggie! She even says, as a korean, that the kongass tastes as good as dongass (its tvp/tofu based cutlet with same flavor and texture)

Check it out, just walk towards the university ont he same side of the road as paris baguette, its a little bit past the mart, ont he 3rd/4th floor

Is this place closed? We

Is this place closed? We tried going last Friday at luck, anyone know what's up? 

Re: Is this place closed? We

As of Nov. 30, 2011 they're still open and I'm going as often as possible in hopes that they don't close.  The are closed on Saturdays (Seventh Day Adventist Sabbath) - not sure about the Friday night situation. 

delicious vegan food price rise

sure hope they have not closed.  maybe some of the tofu got loose?  the price has jumped to 11,000won as of the last two times i visited.  that is still a super deal, just for the fruit and broccoli!  anyone who is thinking about checking it out, i highly recommend it, especially for the soups.   glad to know that so many foreigners dig it.  i never see any there, though.  i enjoyed your story, mr.dreadlock beard piercing man.  they are always smiley.  it is great to know that they are really that friendly.  my wife is a meat eater, but it is probably her favorite place to eat in busan.  if anyone needs more specific directions, i posted a super detailed description on how to get there under the vegan/raw food forum.  happy dining  and if you see that tofu runnin down the street-EAT IT