Just a Taste


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Small place opened in late 2010.  Serves Thai style noodles and salad.   One table for two and 5 bar stools.  Take-out available, vegetarian on request. 

Located in Kyungsungdae. 

Subway, exit#1,  after the police station, turn right at the 25 convenience store.  A couple shops down on the right.   Google Map here




Re: Just a Taste

Just ate here a couple of hours ago. Superb chicken wrap and very crisp mushroom salad, unlike some of the mush you sometimes find around.

Great service, freshly cooked, waited a little while but when it's freshly cooked, I'm happy to do so!

2 full guests for 18,000 won ( 3 dishes and a soup). Happy days! 

Sure to visit again, had lime juice to top off an already impressive chicken, but sadly no bubble tea as yet!