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Where can I learn Korean in Busan?

I would prefer a location near Haeundae, if possible.

Can you please include a website link (if applicable).

I would prefer to learn Korean through a class setting, not a language exchange.


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Facebook | KLIFF

try KLIFF, i took the class there from 2007-2009 ish. she was located in the crystal beach offictel then. thats the oldish looking building across from the novotel and right next to the sea cloud. and if your interested i'm selling the books she recommends for the class.

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If you work for the busan office of education they offer free classes and the one I am in is quite good.  Difficult enough to really keep you on your toes and taught almost completely in Korean.

It is also great for learning more about what life is like on teh oter side of the coin in a secondary language only class.  Made me change a couple things that were "working" but not effective in class.


then click the "BIFA Korean Class" silver bar on the right side under Korean Language Education.  Has all the details for locations and times.  Right now we are in the middle of class but they should open up regristration for the January start date classes soon.

Good luck

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I usually suggest you learn what you believe.  Sometimes empty talk disgusts more.  The best way to learn English is at your ministry church in America.  So is in Korea.  I liv'in Haeundae and go to the ICC where wonderful Koreans set the best Holiday party tables; for Thanksgivings next Sunday, yay!  We always welcome with a free lunch on your first come.  You will probably see a banner on your left of this webpage =] 

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So you are reccomending this person go to church to study English when they want to study Korean in a class setting- I wish I had been brainwashed at birth so this made sense to me.  Like tunnel vision without the infrared goggles.

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This is just as bad or worse than the mormons who I watched practically kidnap a teenager once on the subway. 'Free English' is never free, you just pay some other way just like everything else.  

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No one asks tithes at church; in fact, it is a college cafe provided to ministers for free on Sundays.  PUFS is a Christian university.  When the church members go out, everybody pays for a ride.   International Community C: Liberal Amish, Quaker, Catholic, Presbyterian, you name it.