need computer guy who can help fix my laptop.

Hi, does anyone know a great computer technician guy/gal  who could possibly fix my laptop? I just got it sent over from home and when it's switched on it has a constant clicking sound. I googled the problem and it "may" be the harddrive, but the again maybe not. I cant listen to music on it/watch movies and need it fixed ASAP....thanks....

i know a computer guy


i know a good computer guy. i'll try to PM you his number somehow.



Be Careful...

Does your computer actually turn on and working with the HDD (hard drive) clicking? Or not start at all (stuck at startup or dump to DOS)? 

Clicking sound on HDD as your internet research is suggesting is failed HDD (mechanical), not fixable within most people's budget. I'd copy whatever information thats on the computer (documents, pictures, etc) to another location ASAP. 

Either way you'll need to replace the HDD. If you have original backup disks for computer, its easy to do yourself or find/borrow original Windows disks at minimum.

I do ediscovery/computer forensics (basically investigation of data on computers) for companies. I'm limited on equipment here, but can advise should you need more input.


Hi mr.kaylo if you could pm

Hi mr.kaylo if you could pm me his his number that would be greatly appreciated,thanks.

jaylo,yes my computer works ok albeit with the clicking sound..i have already sent my pics and documents to another location whilst still need to put my music on WMP somewhere,other stuff I don't really need.

The only disc that I have is "drivers and utilities consumer notebook" it says "to use this cd to update or reinstall the drivers to your system only if neccessary"  Im assuming this is the back up disc you were referring to.

Yes, more advice would be great if you have the time, many thanks....



You should take it down to

You should take it down to Gaya computer town near Gaegeum. There are dozens of shops there that will be able to check it out. Computer talk is the same the world over so communicating the basic problem shouldn't be a problem. Repalcement cost shouldn't set you back an arm and  a leg either.

Directions. Take Line 2 to Dong Eui University station. Forget the exit but you want to head towards the next stop, Gaegeum on foot for about 5 mins. You want to be on the right hand side of the road. It's pretty much opposite Homeplus supermarket and is a whole collection of shops.