''Busan Global Village in Busan is searching for fun teachers.''

Fun,fun fun...no matter how you dress something up 2weeks vacation is still only 2weeks vacation and that is a standard hogwan.

Actually a standard run of the mill hogwan is better than this. A ROTM hogwan will see you working from 3-8-9pm at the latest. This is all day long, this is worse than a hogwan.  At least with a normal hogwan you can sleep in and have much of the day to do what you want and avoid the rush hour nonsense.

It's no wonder they are all ways looking for people. YBM,ECC and any other entry level big chain is better than this.   

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The Global Village is a pretty alright place, both to visit and from my conversations, work.  You must know so many more people that work there who really do not like it.  Everyone that i have ever talked to that works or worked there really enjoys it.  The schedule is not that bad according to the people that are working there.  Then again, there is nothing wrong with working at a hagwon, either.  Two weeks vacation is pretty good for any job.  Maybe you should tell Busan Global Village that they are not fun.  Yes, that would make much more sense than anything else

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just a hunch, but i am guessing that some people either 1)finished their contracts, b)quit, or 4) they are increasing their staff numbers.  just a hunch, though.  they are probably hiring for the same reasons that other places are hiring.  then again, that is just a hunch

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1) finished their contracts, so they are finished but not staying? why would you need to place ads looking for people if they are finished and staying?  answer; they aren't staying.

b)quit? I thought it was a good place to work? they aren't staying.

2) inreasing their numbers? In this recession? if you think so. I'm sure that's how places like this spin it.


I'll let you in on a little secret Elmo; people don't leave good jobs. Good jobs also are seldom  vacant and rarely ever posted or ads put up. They are filled by word of mouth most of the time by people that work at these places to collegues from former places people might have worked with or good friends. My university hasn't hired a person in years? why? because people don't leave good jobs.


ps....Elmo...any more discussion please refer to MM's post, it's all I wanted to say but written more logically and much better and with evidence(ad post dates and such). He/she really nailed the coffin shut on this one. Cheers.  

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Cooking Class, Airplane Class. . .Karaoke Class! Beats the pants off Teps drills. Some people are most invested in structured formats, I've heard this from 2+ year teachers at CDI. That's what they like about their place of employment and that's why they've chosen to stay.  That preference doesn't fit a BGV teacher and vice versa. Additionally, last time I checked, Kindy (which accounts for a large majority of academies) run from am-pm. 



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The question to me isn't why they are advertising for teachers: many people do.  Perhaps they don't have the mix they want, perhaps they are expanding, perhaps they do have teachers leaving.

The question to me is why they are advertising AGAIN.

Under Miju Lee, they've posted on 1/26, 1/15, 12/02, 11/10.  Previously their job ads were posted under a different name, but the pattern remains the same.

Busan Global Village is looking for teachers.  Busan Global Village is ALWAYS looking for teachers.  Either they are hiring six teachers every two months, a cast of hundreds by now, or they are having to replace teachers every two months. 

The former would actually be a recommendation, but I don't recall Miju Lee posting about how Busan Global Village had passed a hundred teachers.

The second one is why no one should ever send them a resume.  People keep great jobs, and pass them on to their friends.  People keep so-so jobs, and those places need to replace them.  (Not really a comment on the job: maybe the people were wrong, maybe the job was wrong.) People ditch bad jobs, either because the school is cheating (hours, pay, etc.,) or because the director is unreasonable.

People are leaving Busan Global Village.  I don't know why, I don't care why, but I would advise everyone to avoid them until you find the answer.

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not everyone starts their contracts at the same time.  just a hunch, but on account of the large number of people that work at the busan global village maybe they advertise when someone leaves.  could always give them a call and then share the information

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Vacation needn’t be the only end in seeking a job and if that is the core objective in one's employment search, let's allow that to be their prerogative.  I do not have a lot of vacation but sincerely love my academy job day in and day out; I wouldn’t trade it for anything after five years of offers and opportunities.  I'd strongly argue different people fit an array of positions quite well and although this is personally not a job suited for me, I'd like to avoid grossly generalizing it or people without having worked there or been in their shoes myself or without having looked at the curriculum etc.  

For those considering Busan Global Village, please do heed the advice from veterans.  They offer sound advice.  However, also trust your own instincts/logic, as you are the one who’s ultimately the best judge of what does or does not suit you and not another person with altogether different circumstances, motivations and desires.  I'm happier with the curriculum and classes I teach and would not want a bit more vacation or money to compromise a year of dissatisfaction in the work place.  That's a personal opinion and doesn't necessitate an unproductive and ranty discourse on Busan Global Village.  Your job needs to compensate in the ways you hope it will year round both mentally and practically.  Satisfaction and fulfillment are everything at the end of the day for some and for others, it amounts to vacation, money and perks.  It's your time, your life and your energy.  It needs to fill your needs and not that of anyone else.  Best regards to those who are searching for a position that suits you.  

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People don't usually leave a good job, but what is a good job? LBS defines it as getting the longest vacation while teaching the least number of hours.  For him, this job is a joke and he would never consider it.  I can respect that opinion, but others have different goals, qualifications and considerations for taking a job overseas.   I am not endorsing this job, but it may be a good job for someone just coming to Busan for their sojourn while exploring the world. 

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Bas.... you have a valid point....but...

One thing you skip on though is that I'm not the only one with this thinking. I can tell you that my philosophy is shared by everyone at my university and probably the majority of people that work at universities or colleges. Why not get long paid vacation? I've never heard of anyone saying ..oh vacations are too long, I don't need that much please take them away and the money as well!

When we got that quick grant at my school a few years back we had over 200 applicants for 2 positions Mr. B. Everyone wants to get on the uni-college train and it's not because they love teaching young adults.  It's because they want long paid vacations, 12-16hour weeks packed in a  good schedule of less than 5days usually and they don't want to teach kids anymore; end of story.  


edit: minor spelling errors.

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personally i have no desire to work at a university or college.  that few working hours would drive me crazy.  vacation is nice, but i enjoy working.  getting up everyday and having a routine is quite nice.  granted, i do enjoy koreabridge, but i would kick myself if i had so much vacation and then all i had to do in my  time was post on here.  give me a 6am to 2pm or a 5:30am to 1:30pm schedule any day.  early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and leaves afternoons free for beer

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I have a routine but somewhat different than yours. I'm on here just about every afternoon because I have privates at home and breaks between the classes like now until 3:30. I do privates pretty much everyday during the week. 2-3 classes sometimes more or less depending on ski camps or trips to grandmas house or ? It's never set in stone.

What is set in stone is that I still pull a paycheck from the university for months I don't teach while I'm doing this other stuff. I'm certainly not sitting around with cheetos fingers typing because I have nothing better to do.  The breaks I have in classes aren't long enough to do anyhting else but get on-line.

Oh..I don't know how you can drink in the afternoon and get up for 6am.  you are more of a man than I am that's for sure.



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I see many resumes come in for university jobs.  The quality of applicants has greatly increased.  Many of the resumes I see these days are from people who are not coming to Korea to just pay bills or have a good time, but rather they have planned to come here.  They have teaching experience and degrees to back them up.  Many of the applicants want to be here in the ESL field and are looking to make a difference.  While vacation and class hours are important to them,  teaching in a good program is often equally important.  I believe that there are more than a few old timers in these uni gigs who would not pass the first round of screening if they had to apply today.  These "old timers" are often unqualified in terms of having the correct degrees.  They only have contacts and experience.

There are many different jobs in Busan for many different levels of experience and desires.

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Mr B. what you said might very well be true. People with useless arts degrees are not enough anymore. If they don't have the experience in country they will be looked over. The way it should be.

I am not looking for a job currently but it must be a scary process at this time. I'm so happy that our place hasn't resorted to firing and then hiring the cast of Twilight like all the hogwans do just  to put posters up around town.


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Busan Global Village was once OK to work at, but those days are gone. My contract finishes shortly and would not recommend ANYONE to work here. I have had a wonderful experience in Korea, and I am not just trying to bitch.

I would just like people to know that this school cannot be trusted, and there are much better jobs to be had.



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Hey there, I'm looking to work for Busan Global Village and I was wondering if you could elaborate more on why they are not good to work for. If you want, you can contact me privately at [email protected]. I'd really like to know more about the company and your experience with them. If anyone has had actual work experience with them or has a close friend that has worked with them, please let me know your feedback, it would be extremely appreciated. Thanks



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one man garbage is another mans food . These Hangwons treat people differently  They treat one teacher like gold and another man like trash . Sometimes its how you relate to them too . As I know it all schools of the big type are basiclly the same when it comes to people management . First time in Korea I would suggest working for a small school were they really need you . They will be nicer to you . At a big school you are just another way gookie  or is it way cookie    

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I once interviewed at BGV. It was a strange experience. They looked at my degree, my teaching certifications, and other documentation and then asked me, "What do you like about Korea?"

I answered.

Then they asked me, "Are you a fun teacher?"

I replied, "Do you mean, do I like playing games and singing songs?"

"Oh--no, no, no... Just, are you a fun person?"

"I'm easy to get along with, yes."

"So, you're not fun?"

"I'm a teacher. I teach. The kids seem to enjoy themselves."

"Hmmm... Well, we'll call you."

This was after everyone in the office left me standing in the corner for twenty minutes. 

They did call me back... About 20 times. I never replied. Too weird. Hagwons are a dime a dozen. Even if they are connected to the government. 

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It depends on who are you . I think Global is not normal teaching . You do alot of role play  . You are a banker or other job and Kid is customer . You are like an actor or actress . You are an entertainer maybe you do some singing and dancing too . It depends if that fits your personality . You should be happy all the time and smile all the time . That is not for me . But for somepeople its good . I heard from the students food not good and salad the worst . 

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Worked there for a year. I had almost every problem that you could possibly have at a hogwan. Definately not a good experience, but it was definately educational. Ever since I left, every person I have talked to about it has made it a point to talk about how much better it has gotten. I don't keep up with them anymore, but they do seem to still have trouble keeping teachers.

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Seems trouble  brewing at the big 3 of kids english schools and agencies  from the posts and the word I hear around town and on the street  about busan global , Epik , and mbc the  parent company of mbc afterschool .the parent company put out a very racist tv show on mbc tv  about native teachers  .Seems like a epedemic of rashlike problems   Anyone have any good words about the big 3  ?

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English villages are mostly my style, anyway, and I might look these guys up as I'm looking for a change from being a public elementary school tape recorder, teaching the same phrases 'Don't do that', 'It's raining, you should bring an umbrella...'

How are their classroom laid out?  Are the walls of each room see-through glass.  In this case, it'd be alot like being an English monkey.

Most English villages are total opposites of public schools in the major fact that they need to be open when the students are out of school.

I would imagine that it takes a special brand of teacher who doesn't mind teaching holidays and weekends.

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I'm not sure where all the negativity is coming from about BGV. I worked for a year, recently finished. The pay is good, you get a lot of vacation and the job is in general, very easy. Regular program is tuesday to saturday, 8:30-5:30. Two day programs. New 6th graders every two days. Saturdays are one day programs. 6-7 40 minute classes a day. Yes, you do work some holidays, but you get a vacation day in place of it. Camp sucks depending on your program. There are 9 day and 5 das programs. So you work 9 days straight with one day off, three times. But once camp is finished, you have 10 days off. On top of that you get 15 vacation days, which they are flexible with. In the year I was there I had three 10-day vacations, plus another 14-day vacation. You teach 2-3 homeroom classes a day (lesson plans already made) and then 4-5 experience classes - like airplane, bank, karaoke, etc. You change classes every month. So you need to make 1 lesson plan per month. You have an activity once a week (sing a long, dance, bingo) 1:00-1:40. If you don't have that, you have lunch from 12:10-1:50.
It's not for everyone, but it's not hard. You could do A LOT worse than this place.

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I think I know who this is :) Hi!

Every time I try to type about BGV all the good is over shadowed  by my last few days there. They do a shitty thing with the flight money at the end. I rant every time I try to explain it but long story short they are a business and they will do what they can to spend less money. 

Easy work, good pay.

They aren't great but you could work at a way worse place. I wish they would treat the Korean teachers better.

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General note: much of what's available online in English about BGV is quite outdated. A lot of changes have been made since opening in 2009, so keep an eye on the posting date of anything you read.

Turnover: As to the "always looking for people" - it's true, but not due to the reason that many think. Between our 3 programs, we have 25-30 foreign teachers (and 25-30 Korean teachers as well), so contracts start and end at various times of the year. Normally I'd agree that a high turnover would be reason for concern, but with a teaching staff of this size, it comes with the territory. Others will say that teachers should be staying for multiple years if they're satisfied - again, a good point, but keep in mind that many enthusiastic, reliable teachers are only looking for a year abroad. They are quite capable of doing their job well, but will return to their home country after 1 year. 10 of our current foreign teachers are in at least their 2nd year, with one teacher having been here over 8 years.

Disclaimer: I assist in recruiting and hiring for BGV, so I am a bit biased. As of posting this, I've just started my 4th year here, so obviously satisfied with how things are run. Happy to answer any questions personally (since Koreabridge doesn't allow employer reviews due to libel laws).

For more info, we recently updated our website.

Program description: https://www.bgv.co.kr/page/recruite-detail.php 

Application portalhttps://www.bgv.co.kr/kor/recruite 

Past job posting (has a lot of commonly asked basic job detail questions related to Regular Program, where the majority of our teachers are assigned): http://joblistings.myteachinghouse.com/jobs/31317