Laptop in Korea

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Laptop in Korea

Hey guys,

I'm looking to purchase a netbook in Busan, nothing fancy. Just a decent computer mainly used for internet browsing, word processing and at the most some photo editing.

From my research I've heard a lot of good things about Gaya, has anyone been here? If so?

- Do you recommend it?
- How was your experience?
- Should I go with a Korean?

- How were the prices?
- Is the BIOS in english?
- Will they install an English Version of Windows for you?

If Gaya is the pits, please feel free to recommend any other avenues for me to explore. 

Thank you for taking the time.



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Re: Laptop in Korea

It's easy to feel like a goldfish in a shark tank at those PC Market placesand get ****** over.

If you have the time, get to a big Department store/Lotte Mart/Homeplus and look around at a few models there, see what size you like, brand, colour etc and note down some model numbers and prices, then search for them on Naver when you get home - see how much theMarts are overcharging by! (It might not even be much though tbh) Then with that info get to the PC Markets here and see what they have. 

For basic use any Intel i3+4gig RAM would do it all fine, BIOS is 99.9% in English (this is true Internationally)  and Win7 can easily be sourced via the net in English if needed, but as long as you buy brand new Win7 laptops here should have the option of setting Korean or English on the first boot.