ESL Teacher

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 I would like to be considered for the teaching position. I feel that I have the necessary skills,experience and motivation.I have extensive experience working as a Language Teacher which incorporates teaching all levels and age groups. I began teaching with ECC in Nagoya, then with ECC in Gwanju and Berkeley School in Busan Korea. I taught all age groups from Kindergarten level to adult conversation classes. Returning from Korea I was employed by Berkeley House as an English teacher contracted to JICA (Japanese International Cooperation Agency). I taught an intensive English course for Japanese volunteers for rural development in third-world countries. I stayed with ACC English School in Nagoya and Toyoake City in Aichi for two years teaching all levels, before joining Michigan English School in Gifu City. After years in the private school sector, I worked as an Assistant Teacher for Yongju Public High School and the Chang Nyong English Village both in Korea. I was employed by Fifth Wings English School in Tochigi-Ken as an Assistant Language Teacher for two public schools. My last ALT position was at Toyoshima Minami Junior High School, Nagano Ken. I was then employed as a homeroom Teacher at the International School of Nagano and finished teaching at the Nagoya YMCA . I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you in person in regards to the position. Thank you for your time and consideration.