2018 Gangwon foreign Fam-Tour <Episode 1 : Yeongwol Culture Tour>


Saturday, April 28, 2018 - 09:00

To promote the tourism of Gangwon-do, and to boost the awareness from the countries around the world, foreigners who live in Korea or international students, enrolled in universities/post graduate studies in Korea, are invited to participate in the recruitment of SNS publicity group.


We hope to see you on this great adventure into Yeongwol, full of stories and activities of Joseon Dynasty.



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IR Licensed Administrative Agent and Real Estate Agent


My name is Kijoon Hwang.

I'm a representive of IR which stands for Interactive Relationship and have overseas experience lived longer than 10 years including operation of my business.    

The office of IR is located at the newly constructed site near the Chunan-Asan KTX station and surrounded by a lot of apartments, shopping centers, and office buildings and besides many new residentials like officetel and commericals are scheduled to be constructed in the near future.

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SNS Event for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games PyeongChang!


Repeats every day on the -25 of October every Monday until Sun Nov 19 2017. Also includes Mon Oct 30 2017.
Wednesday, October 25, 2017 - 16:15



Hello, I am gonna introduce the Event on SNS 'Facebook or Twitter'.

This is a relay game like Ice Bucket Challenge.you can participate easily.

want more information, visit the website 


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Better off elsewhere- China, Vietnam or Laos

Interesting that some places here are paying around 2m a month, for a nine hour work day. I did only five hours for that money years ago. I can not believe that some Agencies and Academies mislead people with Job Ads. My advice for anybody considering taking a job here would be to look elsewhere at this salary. China, Vietnam and Laos are pretty close nowadays. If Hakwans were serious, they would be paying 3m a month. The cost of living is not comparable to 2000. Back then, two million was worth it. It irks me that somebody has to go to work at 11 and not start till 1430.

Seoularium Counseling Services

Do you want BETTER LIVING and less stress, BETTER DECISIONS and less doubt, BETTER RELATIONSHIPS and less conflict? Many people try to deal with conflict on their own. But you don't have to suffer alone. Contact Yvon Malenfant today for your FREE no obligation 30 min.
Skype Video consultation: harpoinseoul1

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Subtitles for the Korean film Yeon-ae-dam

Hi everyone,

I've been searching subtitles on internet for the film "Our love story" (Yeon-ae-dam, 2016), directed by Hyun-ju Lee, and haven't found any. I'm fond of Korean cinema and specially young Korean directors and this film seems to be a very good one to me; the film was shown in the San Sebastian film festival (Spain), and it quite pleased the public. If only I could have seen it there.

I don't understand Korean and it's a shame to watch it without subtitles because I realize the dialogues are good and full of meaning, though I don't understand a word.


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