Best internet deal from LG, SK, KT

*internet(wire),WIFI ,TV (IPTV, digital cable)
(SK Broadband , KT , LG Telecom)
* WIFI ( unlimited ) 100mb speed 

Final price  :  22,000~23,000 won/month
(tax and rental router fee included) - SK,KT or LG

* Package
- WIFI + cable TV avialuble

Copy of Alien Card(both sides-with edges), 1st page of  bank book, Full address

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Internet Service ( KT , LG , SK Telecom )

Best internet deal in Korea from a major internet provider ( KT,LG,SK )

*internet, WIFI ,TV (IPTV, digital cable)
(SK Broadband , KT , LG Telecom)
* WIFI ( unlimited ) 100mb speed 

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Telecom service available monthly plans

Hello Busaners,

This is JDM telecom service. Foreiners are welcome to contact us to get the latest deals on tariff plans. We have many types of fixed or prepaid plans for your telecomunication.
If you want to register new usim or change your plan feel free to contact me on Kakao ID: azkaban03 or directly call: 010-9848-0770 (ENGLISH, KOREAN)

Our office is 5minutes walk from Sasang station

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Easy and Affordable Sim Card Deals in Korea

Easy & Affordable sim card deals offered to cater for anyone in South Korea.

Rest assured that we are not a scammer, genuinely here to offer great services to everyone.

We have deals for all types of Visas and those who do not have visas as well.


For more infor send us a message on:

facebook - simz.sobeese

Instagram - simz.sobeese

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Free Usim Simcard by KT and SKT

We are RedSeaCommunication a telecommunication company specialized for foreigners
Located in Busan
We offer USIM Card either prepaid and postpaid or egg.
Currently we are recruiting dealers to work with.

Job Desk:
Get customer who want to have prepaid simcard or other telecommunication products (such as linephone, pre/post paid card, internet +tv, olleh egg)

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The Prepaid - Mobile Phones

We are providing latest phones in contract to every foreign peoples legally residing in Korea. We serve only brand new phones. Ask us for your desired model. Attached picture is a sample.

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'Hyun Telecom' Mobile phone store

Hot News for Foreign Mobile Users

Have you suffered from a language barrier in Korea? Did you have to pay more than you had expected for the communication charges of mobile phone, TV or Internet connection service? And do you want to escape from being mixed up in changing your phone into the new one?

If so, you can be consulted by Hyun Telecome (HT), an one-on-one counselling cell phone store.

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IPhone 5/6/7 screen repair

If you have somehow cracked/smashed/destroyed your Iphone screen (digitizer) I'll be happy to fix it with a brand new screen/digitizer, and your phone will be totally back to normal. 

1.) Message me here through Kbridge

2.) We'll set up a place/time for pick up/drop off.

3.) Unless your phone has more severe problems (i.e. motherboard issues) and you are in Busan, you will most likely receive your phone back sameday. (usually takes a couple days for those outside the city)

70,000 due upon delivery of fixed phone. 

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Credit Phone and Monthly data package for foreigners

Update Linephone Price JD Mobile Busan




iPhone 7 128GB DownPayment 630.000

iPhone 7+ 128GB DownPayment 780.000

Samsung Galaxy S8 DownPayment 530.000

Samsung Galaxy S8+ DownPayment 580.000

Galaxy Note7 FE DownPayment 340.000

iPhone 6 & iphone 6+ DownPayment 50.000

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