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Are u looking for hairdresser? Jimmy Kang

hi there -

my name is jimmy

im hairdresser at delaforet in busan centumcity

this is my websit. u can see the few hair style

actually my english is not so perfect

but i think there's no problem

also i have experience through korea and australia

contact me!

kakaotalk: godori89

instagram: jimmy8912

thanks~ have a good day


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Pitangui Lee Na Young Aesthetic & Academy

 Lee Na Young is your all-in-one one stop beauty shop. There is a spa full of versatile treatments and a beauty care curriculum containing specialized therapist. Aesthetic procedures are popular today and some of the benefits you can receive here at Lee Na Young Academy are as follows. A program revolving around skincare that helps replace lost moisture and bring back your natural skin elasticity. Beauty programs are available formale care, entertainer care, or couple care.  All you could ever want to or need to know is waiting for you to come and learn the secrets to being beautiful.

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Slique hair



 This is Young from Stunningkorea Travel agency in Seoul.
 Basically, we make a plan for travelers visiting Korea.
 We would also like to do something which is more helpful for foreigners living in Korea.

 For example, we have small hair salon in our office and

  You can set your own price and pay as much as you wish  after get your hair done.

Also, we are planning to start free Korean lesson at our office in Yongsan area, and we want to help any foreigners who struggle with living in Korea

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Hwamiju Hair Shop (Hwamiju Creative Team Artist Aiden Lee)

Hi! My name is Seung Won. I am a hair designer, and I work at Hwamiju in Seomyeon. If you'd like to make an appointment, please email me at [email protected]. My Kakao ID is hairlee. Add me on facebook. My ID is 이승원. I check my Kakao more often. Please make an appointment if possible. I work 5-6 days of the week, and I don't work on on Mondays.

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Soo Casa Hair Salon

Soo casa hair. Hair stylist Ji-Soo Y.  10 years experience, including 6 years work experience in Canada.  Worked for Canada's #1 Make-Over TV Show, "Style by Jury" on W Network, and "The List" on Slice TV.   Worked with Tom Sizemore, Lisa Former, Bruce Tunner, David Clemmer and others.  Makes the perfect blonde.  Service provided in Englishhtt

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Alex (European Trained Stylist)

Alex's salon is in Haeundae New Town near Youngnam Apartments (near the McDonald's).  He trained in Europe and speaks very good English. He is very skilled, and used to dealing with all varities of hair (curly, blonde, dyed, etc.) I highly recommend him. If these directions sound too complicated, just call from a taxi and have him give directions. His phone number is 703-2242. Sometimes a Korean woman will answer, but just ask for Alex. He is open 6 days a week (No Wednesdays.)

From Jangsan Station:

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