Hwamiju Hair Shop (Hwamiju Creative Team Artist Aiden Lee)


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Hi! My name is Seung Won. I am a hair designer, and I work at Hwamiju in Seomyeon. If you'd like to make an appointment, please email me at [email protected]. My Kakao ID is hairlee. Add me on facebook. My ID is 이승원. I check my Kakao more often. Please make an appointment if possible. I work 5-6 days of the week, and I don't work on on Mondays.

Directions to Hwamiju: 1. Take the subway to Seomyeon, exit 7 2. Walk 3 blocks 3. Cross the street. Its on the right. Look for the purple sign. Look for the sign at the top of my building. The sign says "Hi" I am on the third floor of this building. The HWAMIJU sign is purple. I serve a lot of foreign and Korean customers who are very happy with my work.

Here are my credentials: I've been working as a hair designer for 9 years. After high school, I started my career as a hair designer. I have worked with Hwamiju for 6 years. I graduated from university with a major in hair design. In the university, I've won the award for most creative hairdesigning. My diploma is of high quality for both women and men. It is camparable to the work of Vidal Sassoon. In addition, I am certified by the Korean government as a colorist. In Japan, I completed the Imay diploma of the L'oreal color coaching school. I can identify if the color of your hair will work well with your face, season of the year, and mood. I can find a match with whether your colors are of the summer, winter, spring, or autumn. I also have a L'Oreal Silver Diploma for hair coloring. I can also do perms, and as I have mentioned I can work well in foreign clients. http://www.facebook.com/wonhair