Yong-In and Suji - QiRanger's Walk and Talk #11

This week on the Walk and Talk, I head back to the city I first called home in Korea back in 2008: Yong-in and Suji. It's located in Gyeonggi-do, not too far from where I live today. Our Walk and Talk today starts at Bundang Line's Jukjeon Station. I then walk along the river bed, seeking my old apartment. From there, I turn my attention to the rows and rows of villas in the area before going to the "main drag." The last place I visit in today's walk is where I recorded my first travel video in Korea. -= WEB SITES =- G+: http://google.com/+SteveMiller_QiRanger Twitter: http://twitter.com/qiranger Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/qiranger Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/qirangeradventures Instagram: http://instagr.am/qiranger Blog: http://qiranger.com The Travel and News Channel: http://youtube.com/qiranger The Vlog Channel: http://youtube.com/theqirangervlog Podcast: http://qiranger.com/tqrap TAGS: Suji-gu (City/Town/Village),Yongin (City/Town/Village),Vlog,Travel,Walk and Talk,Seoul,South Korea,Korea,Suji,Yong-In,Asia,GoPro,ETM-001,Gyeonggi-do,ttot,steve miller,qiranger, jukjeon station, bundang line
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