We Eat a Terrifying Deep Sea Creature for Xmas | Shimgiiljan

Burger n' Kimchi head to a Korean university student drinking place for a dinner that serves Blackmouth Angler Fish or Monkfish a special Korean delicacy called "Agujjim." For as hideous as this creature looks to us humans, it sure is tasty. The meat is unsurprisingly soft for a squishy deep sea living creature. There's also plenty of it!

Agujjim (아구찜) is a Korean dish that gained popularity in the 1940s and is made with the terrifying monkfish, Korean red chili pepper, bean sprouts, sea squirt, and minari (Japanese Parsley). It has a unique, herby flavor. It's also great with some rice!

After we finished eating the meat from this dish, we had the option to return the remaining sauce and vegetables to mix with some rice to make an "Agujjim" sauced fried rice dish with a topping of dried laver. It definitely helped cap the meal.

The other dish was the Cheese and Potato Jeon (치즈감자전). It has many names in English, but I most often hear Korean Pizza or Korean Pancake. This was more of a Korean Hash Brown Pizza. It was made with shredded potatoes, cheese, ham or bacon, and pepperoni. 

Finally, Kimchi got her drink on with a classic and clean flavored bottle of Makgeolli called, Jipyeongsaeng Makgeolli (지평생막걸리). 

Shimgiiljan (심기일잔), the pub / restaurant we visit in this video, is located in the KSU / PKNU Area. If you're living in Busan, it's definitely closer to PKNU and not too far from the subway station. For a mixture of both old and new flavors and a shadowy, secretive hideaway to meet with friends, it's not a bad option. 

*Unfortunately, Shimgiiljan is not on Google Maps, so you will need to use Naver Maps to find it!


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