South Korea Adventure #6- Changwon 창원 Motorcycle Trip

On Saturday June 12th I headed out to Changwon with friends John and Ed. It was Ed's first long trip on a motorcycle. We had lunch in Changwon and then headed to the Junam wetlands. The Junam Reservoir is an important bird migration site and the largest in Korea. The video features creative commons music by Boxing Fox- "Good Mood!" and "Use your mind" featured on
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Re: South Korea Adventure #6- Changwon 창원 Motorcycle Trip

I'm just curious but do any of your crew ride anything exotic? Not Ducati exotic but BMW or ? I saw an late model  K100(perhaps 88-91) recently parked at a garage, just wondering how anyone could find parts for something like that here.

I'm sorry to hear Dennis Hopper died recently, I think easy rider started the whole road trip thing.