Facebook: Twitter: WANT MORE?? ( Hello and welcome to The Silk Road, a website dedicated to the interaction of world cultures. Here you will find different styles of videos offering an informative and fun insight into Korean culture. Our mission is to provide you with an insider's view on all things Korean. Where should you travel? What should you eat? Who will you meet? What can you see? Where is the best entertainment? What is the history? And what is the music like? All of this and much more is right at your fingertips for your casual perusal. Although new to the internet, TSR hopes to bring much more of the world to you and you to it. The name originates from the label given to an historical network of international trade routes that spanned the Eurasian continent, delivering new and exotic items and customs from the far reaches of the globe to people who might never have had the opportunity to see them. The Silk Road offers you a virtual window to the world, giving you a deeply informative glimpse of a country you probably haven't seen yet. Whether you plan to travel in person or virtually from your computer screen, TSR will show you all points of interest and aspects of unique cultures that few foreigners get to see. So sit back, relax, select a category and start exploring.
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