Shopping On The Silkroad- Namdaemoon Market

Facebook: Twitter: WANT MORE?? ( Seoul typically is characterized as bustling, crowded, and a veritable assault on the senses. Namdaemun is no exception. Here you can find the 24 hour market brimming with vendors selling everything from clothing to electronics. There are more than 10,000 stores in Namdaemun, each vying for the attention of thousands of shoppers per day. Dating back to 1414, Namdaemun is currently the oldest continuously operating market in Korea. A sense of old Korea seems to stir in the air as men operating non-motorized carts swerve down the narrow alleys to reach their respective stalls. Since most larger chains are outside the pedestrian core of the market, haggling is not only accepted, but somewhat encouraged. While at the time of this writing, Namdaemun's famous gate remains unopened (due to arson in 2008), it may soon offer relief from the crowds of the nearby market. Namdaemun's gate is scheduled to reopen in 2012 or in 2013 according to official estimates. The Great South Gate, as it was called, was constructed in 1398 as one of the main city gates of Seoul. After being aboveground, go down into the depths of the numerous shopping tunnels of Namdaemun. There you will find an extensive underground arcade teeming with a large variety of goods. Namdeamun is easily accessible via subway at Hoehyeon Station on Line 4, exit 5.
Time: 04:14
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