Saranghaeyo, Mahal Kita (사랑해요 마할 키타)

For our first anniversary, I surprised Jimmy with a dot com ( This time around, I wanted to make it a bit more special so I wrote and composed a song for him and made a music video! This is the first time that I’ve recorded a song or did anything singing-related and I’d like to thank my very good friend, Victor Asuncion, songwriter and front man of the band, Indios for co-producing this with me.

Dear bebe,

너 나 사랑해? Hahaha~ It was sooo hard keeping this a secret from you for a month! Hope you like the song. And the video. Actually, you don’t have much of a choice anyway. I made this so you have to loooove it! Who’s the lucky one now? ^^ Love you so much, love! Thanks for everything!

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