New to Korea? Download these necessary apps NOW - for English speakers! I Essential apps in Korea

Are you about to travel to Korea and wondering what apps can make your experience in Korea easier? Do you not know ANY Korean and are worried about how you will get things done? Well, your answer is here! See my essential LIFE SAVING apps for English speakers if you're in to Korea!

00:00 Intro
01:15 Free calls to US
03:00 Translations
04:58 Navigation Maps
08:10 Messaging in Korea
09:47 Food Delivery (US card)
12:19 Health food  store
14:31 The Amazon of Korea
16:28 The Uber of Korea
19:15 Subway/metro system
20:41 Like a Korean Walmart
21:43 The best food delivery (Korean card)
23:18 Korean News in English
24:42 Language learning for beginners

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