Meet The Youngest Asian-American CEO Of A Public Multibillion Dollar Company: Tim Hwang

Tim Hwang is the co-founder of FiscalNote, a global software, data, and media company in the US and he's the youngest Asian-American CEO of a public company. How was he able to build a multibillion company before even reaching the age of 30? Despite attending prestigious universities like Princeton and Harvard, Tim's story goes beyond privilege and showcases the true grit and determination required to build a company at scale.
In this episode, Tim shares his journey from being the son of Korean immigrants and the only Asian kid in a Michigan neighborhood to getting involved in US politics, including Obama's presidential campaign, and eventually achieving success as a CEO. Gain unique insights into the challenges he faced and the lessons he learned along the way. 

0:00 - Intro 
0:53 - Earning the title as youngest Asian-American CEO of a public company
2:32 - What was your childhood dream profession?
4:36 - Growing up as second-generation Korean American
24:16 - Being  part of the Obama campaign at the age of 15
37:31 - What’s your company FiscalNote about? 
43:47 - Struggles of starting a company 
58:26 - Hiring the right people 
1:14:22 - Biggest mistakes in building the company 
1:18:53 - How big did FiscalNote become? 
1:22:37 - How has your role as CEO changed after going public? 
1:25:31 - How did your parents react to the success of your company? 
1:26:42 - Why haven’t you retired yet even if you could? 
1:28:57 - Sacrifices made in your 20s to build your company?
1:31:09 - Do you want to go back into politics? 
1:33:56 - State of the American and global divisiveness 
1:39:45 - Asian-American representation in the US 
1:44:08 - What kind of impact do you want achieve in the next 10 years? 
1:46:37 - Advice to young people seeking their path 

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