Koreans in the Spotlight - Galaxy Express

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thesilkroad.tv Twitter: https://twitter.com/thesilkroadtv WANT MORE?? (www.thesilkroad.tv) This band is showmanship through and through. Even in the candid videos and interviews in this piece, the band maintains its "rock star" persona in a style reminiscent of the American rock band Kiss' dedication to merchandising. In short, this group knows how to grab your attention and not only hold it but throttle it. Funny, entertaining and at times self-deprecating, they are just as entertaining offstage as on. As you will see, this band has a huge following, and with good reason. An experimental group, they always sound polished and professional. Billed as a genre mix of Alternative, K-pop, and rock, they tend to push even this mix into new places. They put a lot of energy into their shows, and a lot of energy into having fun with each performance. If you are lucky, you can catch them on any given weekend rocking the rooms of Seoul (usually Hongdae).
Time: 10:31


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