Korea on the Edge - Traditional Korean Village

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thesilkroad.tv Twitter: https://twitter.com/thesilkroadtv WANT MORE?? (http://thesilkroad.tv/) Looking for a comprehensive crash-course in Korean cultural history? The Korean Folk Village is a must-see for history buffs, cultural curiosity seekers, and travelers in general. Tale a trip back in time and see what life was like during the different periods of Korean history. The village was relocated from traditional villages around Korea and recreated here during the Saemaeul Movement (movement for regional development) of the 1970s, and no expense was spared in resurrecting the sights and sounds of historic Korea. Every aspect of ancestral life is recreated, from growing and harvesting crops to creating beautiful hand-crafted pottery, garments and traditional woven bamboo handcrafts called Chaesang. See traditional Shamanistic ceremonies performed beside the breathtaking backdrop of mountains and nearby river. This world class outdoor museum offers Koreans and foreigners alike an invaluable glimpse into the rich culture of Korean history, displaying reconstructions of 168 traditional houses from all of the different regions nestled among other buildings housing traditional artists recreating the handicrafts of their ancestors in brassware, masks, musical instruments, knotting and embroidery, furniture, foodÖ the list goes on. Visit the Manor House, the Korean herb drugstore, the traditional marketplace, the sculpture park, and the numerous folk museums arranged by period. There is a seemingly endless list of sights and scenery to be enjoyed, so take a trip to the village and see it all for yourself! The village is easily accessed by express bus from downtown Seoul or Suwon, and it is an experience without which no trip to the Land of the Morning Calm would be complete.
Time: 05:40


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