Kim jong-il reaction from Korea & China (김정일) Kim Jung-il & China: Until Death Do Us part? "May truth and love triumph over lies and hatred." --Vaclav Havel Jeju-do island, South Korea--I take the 무술포 (musulpo) bus every afternoon. My 40-45 minute ride en route to my elementary school consists of several routines. I catch up with the world, half-study Korean, write poetry drafts, and wait for the bus to eventually rock me to sleep. Phone notification: "Breaking News," Kim Jung-il, leader of North Korea, fell ill and died. I checked the news several times that morning and early afternoon... so, it was indeed "breaking" that very moment. I may have been the only person on the bus with the knowledge of Kim Jung-ill's death. The bus wasn't full and no one had their phones open. Three minutes in, I was itching to share the news with the Korean strangers—"hey, (as I scream with sheer madness) Kim Jung-il is DEAD!" Well, that would have made me look like a deranged foreigner interrupting sleep and causing unnecessary havoc...(read the rest at
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