How Shin Lim Became One Of The World's Best Magicians | AB Podcast

Shin Lim is a two-time winner of America's Got Talent and is widely considered to be one of the greatest card magicians in the world. Shin is now performing his show 'Limitless' in Las Vegas, something that seemed impossible to an Asian immigrant kid growing up in the US. How did he choose magic as a serious career path and ultimately became one of the world's most accomplished magicians? Watch to find out. 
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0:00 - Intro
0:45 - How often do you get recognized? 
1:58 - How would you introduce yourself? 
3:52 - Where did you grow up? 
5:21 - Would you say you have a natural gift? 
7:05 - Did you you choose magic as a career? 
10:49 - What was it like dropping out of college? 
14:05 - How competitive is FISM? (International magic competition) 
15:02 - Losing FISM 2012 but winning FISM 2015
19:14 - How did you life change after winning FISM 2015? 
20:34 - How did you land at America’s Got Talent? 
24:21 - How do you stay humble despite your fame & success? 
26:49 - Do you still feel the need to improve on your skills? 
28:49 - What are your future plans or projects? 
29:39 - If magic is meant to be kept a secret, why do you choose to teach it?
31:37 - What’s your advice to young people who aspire to become magicians? 
35:24 - Asian representation in Hollywood 
37:33 - What does magic mean to you? 

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