How Good Are Koreans At English? | Street Interview

With English being the international language and Korea’s pop culture being popular worldwide, one might think that Koreans may be fairly fluent in English. In fact, there are many tourists visiting Korea and if you look around Seoul most street signs are actually written in English. But how fluent are Koreans really at speaking English? We hit the streets of Seoul to challenge some random Koreans on their English skills. 
The answers and opinions expressed in this video are those of individual interviewees alone and do not reflect the views of ASIAN BOSS or the general Korean population.

0:00 - Intro
0:31 - Rate your English skills from 1 - 10 
0:53 - English test: Only answer our questions in English!
4:00 - How hard was it to hold a conversation in English? 
5:38 - What do you think of foreigners speaking Korean? 
6:35 - How do you feel about many signs in Korea being in English? 
7:44 - Why do many Koreans struggle to speak fluent English? 
10:16 - How important is speaking English in Korea? 


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