Hard Korea - Spicy Food

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thesilkroad.tv Twitter: https://twitter.com/thesilkroadtv WANT MORE?? (www.thesilkroad.tv) Like spicy food? Then are we in the right country for you! People who are unfamiliar with Korean cuisine may not know that it ranks among the hottest foods in the world for spiciness. Watch as Matt, an American, gets into an eating contest with the spice queen. Matt likes spicy foods, but he has no idea what this girl has been eating during her life to build up her tolerance to the Scoville scale. The challengers eat three traditional Korean dishes famous for their tongue-torturing tastes: Bul Oh Jing Oh (spicy squid), Bul Dak (spicy chicken), and Duk Bokki (spicy rice noodles). It's a game show-style excursion into some of the hottest food on earth, and you can probably guess the outcome. Matt looks a little worried after his first bite of the squid.
Time: 06:34


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