Hard Korea- Acting in Korea (TheSilkRoad.tv)

Acting in Korea This video takes you inside J Academy, a renowned acting hagwon that has graduated a lot of prestigious alumnis and well recognized actors. One of the most underrated cultural aspects of Korea is cinema. If you want to see a good film, then Korean films cannot be overstated. It can be tricky to find a theater in Korea that provides English subtitles to these cinematic masterpieces, but the CGV theater in Yongsan is a sure bet for this highly-sought commodity. Whether it's a thriller such as Old Boy or a comedy like Kimsee Pyerookie ("Castaway on the Moon" is the English title) or a Korean take on an American classic like Good Guy, Bad Guy, Crazy Guy (Nom, Nom, Nom) -- an historical twist on The Good The Bad and the Ugly -- Compared to TV dramas, Korean movies are in a realm of their own, dynamic and at times dark, moving and emotionally charged. It is easy to see that film makers in Korea hold nothing back. In this video you can see how Korean actors are trained, honing their skills to perfection at the J Academy. Korea takes the art of acting very seriously, and it is an honored role to play in life. Watch as the TSR Family tries their hand at breaking out their thespian chops, re-enacting an intense scene from the film "Ajeossi." So, lights, camera and -- ACTION! Enjoy.
Time: 08:44


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