Do I Eat Vagina? (kokomyun 꼬꼬면?) From South Florida to Jeju, South Korea Language clashes can be a hilarious experience abroad. It's always important to take things lightly and experience every aspect of traveling and learning languages. For the most part, if you already know two languages, switching back and forth while learning a third can be challenging and fun. In this case, she left out the word, "myun" and simply asked me if I eat "koko," which is slang for "P**sy in Haitian-Creole. haha It sucks I couldn't capture the moment. Onelove! -Wilkine The song heard in the background was by an artist called, The Weeknd from his mixtape called, "House of Balloons." P.S 꼬꼬면 (kokomyun) is delicious.
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