Busan's Tastiest Hipster Burger? | Cheese, Cheese? Cheese!

Burger n' Kimchi bathe in delicious burger grease at Busan's most hipster burger joint, Cheese, Cheese? Cheese! (치즈치즈치즈)! The Bacon Jam Burger and "Triple Cheeseburger" are a burger experience that you have likely never tasted before. These burgers are a must try!

In this weeks' burger fueled adventure, we went to Cheese, Cheese? Cheese! for Kimchi's Birthday Celebration Part II. While I have tried these burgers out before and made a post on the Burger n' Kimchi Instagram, this was Kimchi's first time trying these burgers.

Kimchi went with the "Triple Cheeseburger" that should actually be renamed to Three Cheese Burger. It's confusing... I know. It's a single beef patty (not three) with American, Mozzarella, and Gorgonzola Cheeses with orange marmalade and some veggies. 

I got the Bacon Jam Burger, which you can get in either single or double. I went with the double, because I'm trying to watch my figure. It has two beef patties, American Cheese, mayo, and the bacon jam for a finishing touch. 

The other items we ordered were some standard-cut French Fries, a glass bottle of Coke, and Kimchi's beer, Big Wave Golden Ale. 

This burger joint is located in Jeonpo Cafe Street, just across from Noli Maru if you're looking to give these burgers a taste test. Just leave your valuables at home, unless you want them to taste like a burger. We've linked the location below for these unique hipster burgers. They really are great, so don't miss out!

--Cheese, Cheese? Cheese! (치즈치즈치즈) - https://goo.gl/maps/NG5ta4zm1DzDttDu6


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Burger n' Kimchi are the most unlikely, wildest husband-and-wife team consisting of Burger (an American Expat living in Busan) and Kimchi (a born and bred Busanite). We absolutely love Busan, South Korea and would like to share a glimpse with you through our own unique lens.

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