Burger's Go-To INDIAN RESTAURANT in Busan! New Little India!

Burger eats at his favorite Indian Restaurant in all of Busan, NEW LITTLE INDIA! We eat buttery Garlic Naan, Palak Paneer, Lamb Vindaloo, Samosa, and Chicken Tikka. You're not going to want to watch this episode of the Burger n' Kimchi Food Vlog hungry! You'll definitely be craving some Indian Food after this one. Good thing we have you covered with the two Busan locations below. --

To tell you a bit about my favorite place for Indian Food in all of Busan, the food is dependable, always delicious, and the view is perfect for people watching. The windows look out onto BIFF Square, so there's plenty of tourists and other people to spy on! I typically go here to get my fix of Indian Food + Bollywood Flicks. They've always got some interesting eye-candy on TV in the form of song and dance!

New Little India has two locations here in Busan. The one we normally feast at is deep in the heart of BIFF Square in Nampo / Jagalchi. The original home of the Busan International Film Festival!

--New Little India (Jagalchi / Nampo) - https://goo.gl/maps/vMVM1NxcWds38Zgp8

The other location is just across from Busan Station. So, if you're craving some Indian Food after hopping off the KTX here in Busan, you're only a stone's throw away from dinner!

--New Little India (Busan Station / Choryang) - https://goo.gl/maps/rmTGFUQmcWXnGxnW8



Burger n' Kimchi are the most unlikely, wildest husband-and-wife team consisting of Burger (an American Expat living in Busan) and Kimchi (a born and bred Busanite). We absolutely love Busan, South Korea and would like to share a glimpse with you through our own unique lens.

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