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Busan, the largest port city in Korea, is the marine transportation center of the south coastal area. There is a  Coastal Pier and an International Pier. Both are located in Junangdong and offer convenient, affordable, modern high speed ferry service to a variety of locales.

See Pier locations on the map below (ship icons)
Coastal Ferry Terminal (Jungangdong)   *  International Ferry Terminal

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  • At the domestic pier you can catch ferries every day to  Jeju island, Changsungpo, Goje Island Okpo, Kohyun, Haekumkang, Chungmu and Yeosu.  You can also enjoy a tour of Jeju island and  the many beautiful islands of Hallyosudo along the south coast.

  • Ships departing from the International Pier go to Hakata (Fukuoka) and Shimonoseki  in Japan, and to Yondai city in China. The operation of ships is subject to the weather and you have to confirm reservations at the information office before traveling. 

  • Phone numbers of ferry information center

    - Busan Information Center for Coastal Tours :16, 5ga, Chungang-dong Jung-gu,  : 469-0116, 469-0117 

  • -Ferry Companies

    - Dongyang Express Ferry Co. Ltd., Jeju City, Tel)463-0605
    - Gukje Dae-ho Development Co. Ltd., Jeju City, Tel)464-6601
    - Kukje Tongun Co. Ltd., Cheju-City, Tel)464-2228
    Semo Co. Ltd (Changsungpo, Gohyun, Sungpo, Okpo, Chungmu, Yosu, Saryangdo, Samchunpo, Namhae), Tel)469-3851
    - Sukyong-Haeun Co. Ltd., Changsungpo City, Tel)469-5994
    - Busan-Shimonoseki Ferry Co. Ltd., Shimonoskei City, Japan, Tel)463-3161
    - Koryo Ferry Co. Ltd., Fukuoka, Japan, Tel)466-7799
    - Hanguk Express, Ferry Co. Ltd., Fukuoka, Japan, Tel)465-6114
    - Chinsung Co. Ltd., Yunae, China, Tel)441-888

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  Schedule information (please call Ferry companies or travel agents to confirm)

From:  http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/GK/GK_EN_2_3_1.jsp

    Ferry Schedule

    ItineraryCompanyDeparturesTravel Time
    Busan ↔ FukuokaKorea FerryDaily 
    (closed once a month)
    Korea to Japan: 7hrs, 30min
    Japan to Korea: 5hrs, 30min
    Miraejet &
    JR Kyushu Ferry
    Daily2hrs, 55min
    Busan ↔ ShimonosekiPukwan FerryDaily12hrs-13hrs
    Busan ↔ IzuharaDaea Express ShippingMon, Fri, Sat *3hrs
    MirejetDaily (except Wednesdays)1hr, 40min
    Busan ↔ HitakatsuDaea Express ShippingWed, Sun1hr, 50min
    JR Kyushu FerryDaily1hr, 10min
    Busan ↔ OsakaPanstar Line Dot ComMon, Wed, Fri
    Sun, Tues, Thurs

    * Daea Express Shipping runs ferries every day during peak seasons.
    * Schedule subject to change without notice.

    Ferry Reservations

    In general, reservations can be made up to three months before the date of departure. Reservations can be made online or over the phone. When making your reservation, please provide your passport number, date of birth, and English name exactly as it appears on your passport. Reservations will only be considered complete if payment is made by the date specified by each respective ferry company.

    Foreign Language Services

    Korean and Japanese language service are available in the terminal, but language services (quality of services, language options, etc.) may vary by ferry. For translation assistance, please call the Korea Tourism Organization’s 1330 tt call center in Seoul (02-1330 from mobile phones in Korea, +82-2-1330 from overseas).

    CompanyKorea Ferry
    DetailsItineraryBusan – Fukuoka
    ReservationsIndividuals: reservations accepted up to 3 month scope="row"s before departure; Groups: up to 1 year before departure. 
    Phone reservations only.
    Required: Departure date/return date, English name as written on passport, telephone number, ferry room type 
    * Check-in: No later th scope="row"an 90min before departure. (Check-in time: 19:00-19:40)
    Contact No.Fukuoka: 092-262-22323
    Busan: +82-51-466-7799 / Seoul: +82-2-775-2323
    LanguagesKorean, English, Japanese
    Websitehttp://www.koreaferry.co.kr (Korean)
    CompanyDaea Express Shipping
    DetailsItineraryBusan-Izuhara (Tsushima), Busan-Shitakatsu (Tsushima)
    ReservationsGroups of 10 or more should submit a list of passengers to th scope="row"e ferry company. Onsite ticketing is available for groups of 10 or less. 
    Reservations can be made up to one day before departure, pending seat availability.
    Contact No.Izuhara: 0920-52-3188 / Shitakatsu: 0920-86-2008
    Busan: +82-51-461-0901
    LanguagesKorean, English, Japanese
    Websitehttp://www.daea.com (Korean)
    ReservationsReservations can be made up to 3 month scope="row"s in advance online or via phone (Japanese & English available).
    Required: English name as it appears on passport, passport number, date of birth scope="row"
    Payment is due with scope="row"in a week of departure (for reservations made 7 or more days in advance).
    Payment is due at time of reservation for reservations made with scope="row"in a week of departure (less th scope="row"an 7 days before departure date). 
    * During peak seasons & holidays, payment should be made at time of reservation regardless of how far in advance reservations are made. 
    Check-in must be completed no later th scope="row"an 1 hour before departure.
    Contact No.Fukuoka: 092-281-2315
    Busan: 1599-0255 / +82-51-247-0255 / +82-51-411-8200
    LanguagesKorean, English, Japanese
    Websitehttp://www.kobee.co.kr (Korean)
    CompanyJR Kyushu Ferry
    DetailsItineraryBusan- Hitakatsu
    ReservationsReservations can be made up to 3 month scope="row"s in advance by phone.
    Required: English name as it appears on passport, date of birth scope="row", passport number
    Contact No.Hitakatsu: 0920-86-2210 / Busan: +82-51-469-0778
    Websitewww.jrbeetle.co.jp (Japanese)
    CompanyPukwan Ferry
    ReservationsReservations can be made by phone or fax. 
    Required: English name as it appears on passport 
    Group ticket prices apply to groups of 20 people or more.
    Tickets will be issued th scope="row"e day of departure.
    Contact No.Shimonoseki: 0832-24-3000
    Busan: +82-51-464-2700 / Seoul: +82-2-738-0055
    LanguagesKorean, English, Japanese
    Websitehttp://www.pukwan.co.kr (Korean, Japanese)
    CompanyPanstar line dot com
    ReservationsReservations can be made up to th scope="row"ree month scope="row"s before departure by phone (English & Japanese available).
    Discounts for online reservations for roundtrip tickets only.
    One-way tickets must be purchased by phone.
    Required: English name as it appears on passport, passport number, date of birth scope="row"
    Tickets will be issued on th scope="row"e day of departure.
    Contact No.Osaka: 06-6267-9779
    Seoul: +82-2-756-4500
    Busan Ferry Terminal: +82-51-469-6131 / 1577-9996
    LanguagesKorean, English, Japanese
    Websitehttp://www.panstar.co.kr  (Korean, English, Japanese)

    Updated on November 2011