Busan Cinema Center

I would first like to introduce myself as a Korean student currently attending Sajik Girls' High School. I am also the president of a school club, "Creator" where we publish yearly magazine about places worth visiting in Busan. A lot of the club members thought that it would be meaningful to post some of our articles on a website used by foreigners who wish to get information about Korea. I hope you guys find these useful!:)


Busan Cinema Center

           There is a building where everyone who had been to Busan International Film Festival, would know. In the center of BIFF, there is Busan Cinema Center. This is the most exquisite building that represents enthusiasm Busan share towards movies.

           Busan Cinema Center was first opened on September 29th, 2011. This center is the world’s first cultural space to provide film, the performing arts, exhibition, and education. Since its opening, there hasn’t been a single day without special events such as musicals, classic films, and movie lectures. For example, on every Wednesday, people can enjoy free movie in an “Outdoor BIFF Theatre”. Also, there are film academy classes where people could get education on films. In addition, as an Asian film archive, Busan Cinema Center owns a place where classical and modern films are being preserved. It is amazing how something new is always waiting for everyone to enjoy every single day.

           Busan Cinema Center is also famous for its artistic architecture design. It has a gigantic roof with the length that is as long as 2.5 times of a soccer field. In fact, this roof is listed in the Guinness Book as the world’s longest cantilever roof. Under this roof, divine LED lightings of different colors and shapes shine every night.

           Busan Cinema Center is divided into mainly 5 large places where people can enjoy films and performances. The first one is “Cinema 1” where you can see top concert films of the century and latest Hollywood hits. The second one is “Cinema 2” which screens popular international movies. Next, there is “Cinematheque” where classic masterpieces are shown. The fourth one is “Outdoor BIFF Theatre” which is used to host the opening and closing ceremonies of BIFF, as well as an area for performance. Lastly, “Haneulyeon Theatre” specializes in world-class performances.

           Like this, Busan Cinema Center provides a variety of program all year round. It is a place to see movies from all over the world, and a chance to meet actors/actresses and movie directors. It is a film paradise for anyone interested in films and artistic performances. As a place where BIFF, the biggest film festival in Asia is opened, this is a cultural space where everyone can enjoy.