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Where Reasonable Men's Best Instincts Will Go to Die

Some of the quotes from this GSN article render any bitchy WSJ rant tame."There's a morbid joke around that we should encourage them to keep testing so they use their plutonium up," said one defense policy expert who spoke on condition of anonymity.An Obama administration decision to keep mum about the North Korean test preparations [...]

Fooled by Low Baselines

I just don't comment on The Becker-Posner Blog enough - mostly because I don't read it enough as I would like. Yet the topic, "Is the World Economic Center of Gravity Moving to Asia?"", caught my attention. Posner is a bit pedantic on his main criticism of Becker's essay, or defining Asia. Becker actually does a [...]

Tweets for 2009-05-31

Congrats! RT @roboseyo girlfriendoseyo's mom liked me. # It's been a strange kind of winter-like day on Koje # Reading: UN Draft Resolution concerning North Korea (Inner City Press) ( ) # Wondering About Cybersecurity PBS ( ) # Reading: "Taming Humanity's Urge to War: Scientific American" ( ) # Furious about RT @BuddhistBuzz Screw Beijing and [...]

Aid Money Greases Colombo's Slaughtering Wheel

However germane Matthew Lee's question, whether the UN facilitated screening and the slaughter of non-combatant Tamils used for shields by the LTTE, it doesn't seem, after Rwanda, anyone cares. Powered by ScribeFire. alternate frame of change©2009 Left Flank. All Rights Reserved..

Did the North Korea CD Just Skip Backwards

The United nations Security Council looks to be trying the Stanton Gambit - sanctioning companies facilitating North Korean bravado. If Beijing stonewalls, or if a resolution with sanctions leads to another abortive multilateral diplomatic campaign, then that's the end for that shibboleth. A few years more of talking is the best probably to be [...]

Our Brains, the Little Corporal in the Evolutionary Battle

Note to Gord Sellar: Fish species are lifetime growers, and most organisms exhibit immense, continual plasticity throughout their lives. Doesn't that sound like grist for an entire science fiction series? The compelling notion of this lecture is, that the brain is a microcosm of evolution, adapting to environment, experience, and its own [...]

The Breakaway Republic of Kebapistan

Turkish House is a classy restaurant in Okpo that doesn't put kimchi and picked turnips on the table. It looks quite modest from the exterior, but every chair is upholstered and the air is clean and fragrant. And, Turkish House, unlike every Turkish joint in Busan, has baklava without a reservation. All the times my [...]


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