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Why part of me hopes North Korea invades South Korea

Forgive me, but someone really must put a stop to K-Pop. It is the lowest form of artistic expression and a giant step backward in human evolution since our days of scribbling on cave walls.Though admittedly, they have nice hair.Actually, calling it "artistic" is a misnomer. It is a manufactured product --little more creative than producing a can of Coca-Cola. There are no gritty moments in a

North Korea's need to be more of a floozy

North Korea has cut the military hot line to the South. The love line as it were --eliminating all formal ties between the two secretly smitten nations. I suppose dating is out of the question now. And so much for those late night text messages before bed.Oh well, I guess the world has had enough of this anyway: *^^* ♡ *^^*For North Korea, a country so desperately in need of a suitor since

Update. Won-Dollar Exchange Rate: From Bad to Worse.

Update: If you want the nuts and bolts of how this all works check out today's New York Times leader: "Rising Dollar Lifts the US but Leads to Crisis Abroad"

I wrote about this a while back (see "If") but the situation has become so much worse that I thought it would be beneficial to comment on it again. As of this writing the rate sits at 1/1555, which means that if you need to send home $500 a month it will cost you over W800,000 depending on how you do it. This is not good. I have friends who have to send a lot more than that home and things for them are getting desperate. The rate has now collapsed to the point where one wonders where it will bottom out, or if it will.

There is some indication that the rate change is beginning to affect recruitment and, as a result, salary levels here. Posted salaries were increased for the last EPIK hiring cycle but they are no where near replacing the lost income through exchange rate deflation. It will be interesting to see if the salary schedule for the current hiring cycle will reflect any acknowledgment of the current rate dive. I am not sure the Education Ministry understands the degree to which this could affect the willingness of new teachers to come to Korea. Of course, with the unemployment rate in the United States now topping 8% there will be more push from the backside but the debt load of the average college graduate ($19000 as reported by the SeattlePI or see a complete breakdown here at the AMSA site) may cause many of them to look elsewhere to teach abroad.

The problem is the uncertainty: Even if you look at the rate now and feel you can deal with it you still have to ask yourself: if the won/dollar trade has declined over 55% in one year where will it be a year from now? Most economists think that the economic downturn in the United States is going to get much worse before it improves.

There may be some hope. The good people at (who BTW predicted a much smaller downturn in this quarter) have the Won rebounding by September. Since they last updated in early February the rate has collapsed completely so it will be interesting to see how they adjust the comeback levels. I would be ecstatic if the rate got back into the 1/1250 range again. I hope they are right.

The Week We View - Mar 8th

>Economy got you down? Money a little tight? Worry not dear readers. The trip to hell in a hand basket is free --but seating is tight.>Unemployment rose to 8.1% this week, a 25-year high, with 651,000 jobs being lost in February alone. Experts expect the economy to shed a total of 2.4 million jobs this year exceeding 9% in overall unemployment. The good news? Spring is here --enjoy the time off.>

Jon Stewart rips CNBC

CNBC analyst Rick Santelli --who called American homeowners that have fallen behind on their mortgage, "losers"-- was given his just desserts by John Stewart on The Daily Show. He then goes after blowhard supreme, Jim Cramer.

Barbie Does the Radio

I can't remember the last time that I intentionally listened to the radio. Hence, it should come as no surprise that I had absolutely no idea there was an English radio station in Busan. For all, I know there may be more. These may be things that I ought to know more about, having been here a year and a half. Perhaps by the end of this contract I will have wiped my mind clear of The Unofficial

Mickey Rourke Wrestles his Way Out of B-List Celebrity Status

The Wrestler


Directed by: Darren Aronofsky

Starring: Mickey Rourke, Marisa Tomei, Evan Rachel Wood

“20 Years Later,” indicates the title across the bottom of the screen in the opening shot of “The Wrestler.” Randy “The Ram” Robinson (Mickey Rourke) is sitting in an empty locker room with his head down and his back to the camera. A promoter enters the frame and hands him a few measly bucks. This first scene says it all.

Set in the bowels of New Jersey, the film documents a washed up professional wrestler’s struggle to eke out a living as he continues to compete in the independent circuit. Gone are the glory days of his youth, when he headlined sold out stadium shows. “The Ram” now supports himself by working at the deli of a supermarket. But that’s not the worst of it - his battered body is falling apart after years of wear and tear, and no one besides an aging stripper gives a damn about him (but that’s just because he’s the only customer who still buys lap dances from her). It’s been a tough life and he has the scars to prove it, both physical and emotional.

“The Wrestler” is the devastating portrait of a man resigned to mediocrity after his fame and success eludes him, and there’s no one who fits that description better than Mickey Rourke. He was born for the part and Darren Aronofsky’s decision to cast him was a stroke of genius.

Rourke was one of the most promising young actors of the 1980s, but his career quickly fell from grace when he built a reputation of being difficult to work with and was subsequently exiled from Hollywood. He has since expressed regret about the way he behaved himself and vowed to make a comeback. This is it. And it’s not just the familiar material that accounts for his dazzling performance. Rourke is (and always has been) very talented at expressing heartfelt emotion behind a hardened physique. In this movie, the hurt and humiliation seems etched deep into the lines of his face.

If it sounds like a one-man-show, that’s because it is. The film is fascinating in its depiction of the contradictions and oddities of the bizarre wrestling sub-culture - which appears simultaneously masculine and effeminate, artificial and real - but it’s mostly all about Mickey. The pacing lags whenever it takes its focus even slightly off the titular character to develop the supporting female roles, played by Marisa Tomei and Evan Rachel Wood. Their petty problems are an annoying distraction from the much more interesting principal subject. It doesn’t help that they aren’t given the pick of the litter in terms of lines. The dialogue in general is often clunky, with lots of unnecessary chatter and unnatural pop culture references. The spotty script pins down “The Wrestler,” which unfortunately settles for being a good film with occasional moments of greatness.

Rating: 60/100

Busan- What is going on.............

Busan, 5/3/09.Wow, a month since I last wrote.......feels like yesterday!What's been going on here? Well similar to my friend Fil, I tend to find that most weeks here consist of the following.......The week is usually devoted towards waiting for the weekend, although Thursday nights are regularly bolted on, which makes Fridays' teaching rather difficult.........Friday is usually a great night with...

Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.

The Busan Boys...

Busan, 5/3/09.The Busan BoysDuring my time here, I have had the fortune to be part of one of the best drinking crews I've ever had. Why is this? Maybe because unlike college or University, we're all here for similar reasons ( Economic in some cases, cultural in others). Most of all, we're all teachers, which, while not being a failsafe towards sparkling conversation, means we all have a similar ba...


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