Ziggy Stardust's Noraebang

Last Friday, Workwick Franklin teachers new and old gathered together for a night of beef, beer, and general tomfoolery.  As a goodbye to the only Workwick Franklin teacher who finished his contract and is leaving Busan (at least for now), as well as to welcome the new Chicago couple (I swear the Windy City follows me around...and that's the way I like it), and celebrate the first week of the new school year- we went out.  Now nights in Korea can sometimes fall into a basic pattern: dinner, drinks in multiple locations, drunken singing- last weekend may have fit the bill, but was far from typical. 

First off we went for BBQ with a little something extra which I had never seen before- an omelet ring.

Fitted into the grill's circle was a small well on the outside in which the server poured scrambled eggs with a bit of chopped veggies and oil.  I thought I knew the ins and outs of Korean table cookery, but I guess there are still doors yet to be opened. 

After the eating and drinking the night evolved into the requisite tomfoolery and I was then introduced to the best noraebang I've ever seen!

All night I heard talk of the 'Spaceship Noraebang', but honestly it makes me feel more like Ziggy Stardust than an actual astronaut.  Which again, I like better... so there you go.

 First of all this noreabang was unlike one I had seen before in the fact that it was 2 stories and the middle huge and open.  Also you walked in on the second floor and went down to the main desk to book a room.  It is impressive since you then get to see how big this place is, instead of the little basements with 10 or so rooms that you normally walk into.

When these people picked a theme, the stuck with it.  The whole place was that awesome quasi-futuristic/on the verge of tacky vibe. 
Inside the room was pretty standard, except it had 3 monitors and 3 microphones in the big corner room, which was a nice touch. 

photos by Barbara Ault
So the moral of the story is this place is awesome, I don't remember the name of it, but if you look in the location tag of this post you can see on the map where it's located. 

From the Stardust Noreabang with Love,

From Roam with Love