Zen Kimchi’s Dark Side of Seoul Tour!

You can only have so many nights out in Hongdae. We were looking for something unique to do with our friends on a Saturday night in Seoul. We had heard of the ZenKimchi food tours from fellow YouTuber Noe, who also went on the Dark Side of Seoul tour. He enjoyed it, so we decided to go for it! Last time we were in the U.S., we went on a walking ghost tour of my hometown and we enjoyed it a lot! We thought it would be even cooler in a huge city like Seoul. It definitely was!

Joe from Zen Kimchi

We met Joe from Zenkimchi at about 7 PM at Anguk station. We were hanging out with CharlyCheer and, as usual, we were running a bit late! Our other friend and fellow YouTuber Glenn GoGo was already at the station with Joe. Thankfully, Joe was gracious about us being late. We started the tour as soon as we arrived!

The tour was interesting and fun right from the start. We left Anguk station and veered almost immediately into the dimly lit alleys that the cross older Seoul neighborhoods like veins. Joe began telling story after story about the areas we visited – stories that spanned huge swaths of history from the beginnings of Korea’s first major dynasty all the way up to present day. It was intriguing, and a little frightening!

The Dark Side of Seoul

Over the course of the two hour tour, we traveled by foot through many of central Seoul’s older neighborhoods. It was a great way to see the city by night, and we learned so much about the cit that we wouldn’t have any other way. There’s so much history in these places! Even though it was colder than usual, the tour was fantastic. We stopped half way through for some drinks and street food in Insadong. Delicious!

If you’ll be spending some time in Seoul – as a traveler or a resident – find some time to take the Dark Side of Seoul tour! You won’t regret it!

Check out the video we made about the Zen Kimchi Dark Side of Seoul tour below!

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