Your Guide To Preparing a Spring Picnic in Korean Way

CC0-photo-2004Spring time is finally upon us and the warm weather has arrived in South Korea! Now gather your friends and family members, grab a big picnic blanket, prepare a delicious lunchbox and go outdoor!

How about enjoying a spring picnic in Korean way? We’ve got you covered from the basics for the novice to tips on how to become a master of a Korean-style picnic.

The Basics of a Korean Picnic for the Novice!

14839918774_5eb0ecc5cf_bBring a tent and take a rest under the shades.20263615384_9273f3e030_bRide a bicycle alongside the Han River.han-river-436936_1920Take your dog for the walk or play Frisbee with friends or family on a wide open grass field of the Han River Parks.10554972955_c9b6f62c7c_bTry pedaling a duck boat with your other half when the sun’s falling down.19231310181_cab74ccd77_kEat Ramyeon (Korean instant spicy noodles) with Makgeolli (Korean rice wine) or Soju (Korean Distilled Liquor), which taste even better when you are outdoor!

An Expert? Order Delivery Foods!

Now if you are an expert, you probably know that the best part of a Korean-style picnic is to order delivery foods and enjoy them in the outdoor! Usually, Koreans tend to order the following two delivery menus:

1. Chimaek (Chicken & Beer)

chicken-669637_1920‘Chimaek’ is a coined word that many Koreans use, which combines Chicken and Maekju (beer in Korean). So when Koreans say, “Let’s go and have Chimaek tonight,” it means to go and eat chicken (fried or seasoned) and beer together.

2. Jjajangmyeon (Chinese Black Noodle)

CC0-photo-1909Another Koreans’ favorite delivery menu that they enjoy at a picnic is ‘Jjajangmyeon’, a fusion of Korean and Chinese cuisine, which is a black soy bean sauced noodle with vegetables and pork.

Become a Master in Korean Picnic!

If you want to become a master of picnic, prepare your own Korean picnic dishes!

1. Dosirak

lunch-box-749367_1920lunch-box-200762_1920Koreans often make ‘Dosirak‘, a Korean lunchbox, which usually includes rice, the famous Bulgogi, Kimchi and other Korean side dishes. Fruit and sandwiches can be also packed in dosirak as well. Try making one at home! It will be more enjoyable to eat your own lunchbox then simply buying it from a convenience store. ;)

2. Gimbap

2423236100_0f1bd0981f_bGimbap (Korean Rolls)’ is another common Korean dish that people bring it with their dosiraks. The name for Gimbap can vary according to the ingredients. For example, if you make Gimbap with only vegetables, it’s called ‘Yachae Gimbap (Korean Rolls with Vegetable)’, and if you make it with Bulgogi, then it’s called ‘Bulgogi Gimbap (Korean Rolls with Bulgogi)’.

3. Gyeran-mari (Rolled Omelet)

21616667294_bc6c533a53_kTry making ‘Gyeran-mari‘, or rolled omelet and pack into your dosirak when you go on a picnic. Don’t forget to bring ketchup with you when you’re eating the rolled omelet!

4. Yubu Chobap (Fried Tofu Rice Balls)

24978297705_bac708196f_bThese ‘Yubu Chobap (Fried Tofu Rice Balls)’ are very easy and simple to make. You can buy the entire recipes for this dish in a pack in convenience stores or grocery stores. All you need to do is to mix the vinegar and bits of vegetables together with rice and put them in fried tofus! Totally easy!

5. Jumeok-bap (Rice Balls)

5562958338_faf3e4a95b_bThese Rice Balls are also ideal for picnic recipes, because all you need are rice, dry seaweed and the ingredients of your preference. Usually, Koreans make rice balls with tuna and mayonnaise, Bulgogi, and vegetables mixed with ham. Mix all the recipes together and roll them into a ball shape, and sprinkle dry seaweed and you’re done making Rice Balls.seoul-410261_1920For those who have no idea where to go for a picnic in Seoul, here’s our recommendation, the Han River Parks. There are twelve Han River Parks in the city and all of them are very easy and convenient to reach by Korean public transportation. So try a visit to the nearest Han River Park in Seoul! See all of the 12 Han River Parks in Seoul.
19413924011_db6b16c056_bAt night, you can even enjoy a spectacular night view of Han River and its surroundings. We highly recommend you to try a visit to Banpo Bridge to enjoy the fantastic rainbow fountain that will rerun in April. For details and directions, click here.hcd3.jpgAnother great way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Seoul and Han River is to ride on the Han River Cruise that runs day and night! For details, click here.

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•유부 초밥 | Yubu Chobap• (Korean) Fried Stuffed Tofu Pockets. Perfect for lunchboxes, picnics or snacks! Where to get them? Korean Food Center, Al Jazira street, Bin Mahmoud. Ingredients: Fried Tofu Pocket set (frozen and thawed tofu pockets, set includes via photopin (license)
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