Young-Soo's Noodle Restaurant Opening

 Saturday was the opening of Young-Soo's noodle restaurant which is right next to Nan's (my chilbo teacher).  See the maedeup on the sign to the right, Young-Soo learned maedeup from my teacher Su-Mi also. 
 We brought a plant because in Korea that is what you do when a friend or family member opens a restaurant.
 Here is Young-Soo in the kitchen which is in the rear of the restaurant.  She was hostess, waitress, cook and dishwasher all rolled into one.  The restaurant was busy with steady customers while we were there.  She also makes the kimchi so it's always fresh.
 She has two choices of noodles.  I had kongguksu which is made with soybean broth and noodles.  It was served hot.
Rocketman had bibim guksu which is spicy noodles.  These are your two choices at her restaurant.  I must say they were delicious but the bowls were huge and the portions huge.  Even Rocketman was stuffed.  Her kimchi is the fresh kimchi so it's not as tart as good old kimchi and not as spicy.  It's what is commonly served here in the summer.  Both of these dishes are considered summer food so I wonder if the noodles will change in the winter.  I hope I'm here to find out.
I also went looking for the wood sign guy who went with me to the opera concert a few weeks ago.  He said he was my bodyguard.  He does amazing things in wood but of course he wasn't in his shop.  Isn't it cool?  I love that picture of him you see in the back.

We'll be going to Young-Soo's a lot to support her.  She wouldn't let us pay for our lunch so we left it as a tip and told her it was "American style."  I've never had a friend open a restaurant before so it was wonderful to share this moment with her.  I hope it's a great success.