You know Korea is your home when... (part 9)

Presenting part 9 of the series, 'You know Korea is your home when...'. See part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, and part 8 for even more funny stuff.
  • You keep a toothbrush in your desk at school.
  • You unconsciously correct the English of complete strangers.
  • You can transliterate an English word to Korean without a second thought.
  • You've learned more about the English language than you ever learned in school.
  • You enjoy the smell of kimchi wafting from your downstairs neighbors.
  • You use the sound of construction at 8am as your alarm clock.
  • People stop complimenting you on how well you read hangeul.
  • When the staff at your favorite restaurant know your order without your even saying it.
  • When your knowledge of Korean history makes a Korean gasp in amazement.
  • Your shoes get slipped off faster than the Koreans you're going out to eat with.
  • You know how to make kimchi without needing written directions.
  • You walk around the naked part of the jimjilbang with total confidence.
  • Taking a sick day means you're giving birth or you were run over by a car.
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