You know Korea is your home when… (part 11)

It’s back! See the whole series of ‘You know Korea is your home when’ here.

You know Korea is your home when…

  • You eat noodles with a 70-year-old woman and twigs found in the forest.
  • You find it almost impossible to walk a straight line unless you’re following the yellow footpath.
  • Almost every appliance or electronic device in your apartment plays a melody.
  • You end up at a Nigerian bar with two Iranians and a Filipino at 6am.
  • You can hum all six or seven standard Korean cell phone ringtones.
  • Not knowing your blood type is considered unusual.
  • The ‘homeless’ person sitting on the stairs in the subway has a touch-screen cell phone and a brand-name pair of shoes.
  • You’ve mastered the art of eating a cake with chopsticks.
  • A ‘grand opening’ involves more flowers than four weddings and a funeral combined.
  • You advocate the use of ‘same same’ to your friends back home.
  • You’re oblivious to the ‘no smoking’ sign right next to the ashtray in the bathroom.
  • Your grande Caramel Macchiato cost more than your average Korean lunch.
  • You write something out in Korean hangeul in order to remember how to pronounce it properly.


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