You Can Move a Mountain: Bukhansan Rappelling

"No hands and die," Mr. Kim, the leader of Climbing Korea, said as he and two others prepped me before rappelling for the first time. It had been a lovely hike up Bukhan Mountain. The sun was out and the temperature was well over 80 degrees. I hadn't been nervous about the rappell down while climbing up, but as I stood there listening to pointers in broken English intertwined with Korean, I started to wonder if this was such a good idea. As with all new things I try while being here, I reasoned, "Well, yes, I'm in Korea!" And so, I rappelled down.

It's a freeing feeling, really. Leaning backward off a rock with nothing but your body and the rope keeping oneself balanced. As with the difficult hikes, this experience also requires that the group trust one another. There is no need to know everything, be able to do everything, or be completely independent in any other form because we can all help one another out. I've been realizing how much I appreciate this concept with everything I do on the mountain. Being more trustworthy and being okay with not always be absolutely 100% independent are two things I have consciously been working on this year.

Last Weekends Hike, Oksun and Gudambong Mountains

I'll just say one thing- It was pouring! Oh yeah, and these photos are not mine, but the property of an awesome Eva Bagyinszky. Was missing my camera.