You are a little too delicious - Hawaii

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Sometimes the universe is really nice and decides to give you exactly what you want, 
when exactly you want it. 
It was too hot. 
I needed shade, and then I found the garden.

After poking around for a bit I sat and read my book in an old rickety chair. Some time later an older gentleman came through the garden and stopped when he saw me sitting there.
“Well. That’s the best use of the garden I've seen in a long while.”
Ten minutes later he came back and gave me a nice bunch of flowering tarragon.

I may have blushed.

When the sun relaxed I set out again.

I was feeling a little hungry.
Apparently Obama likes this place nearby called...

…. and this scary looking bowl is the smaller version of a Hawaiian special, loco moco.
Start with rice at the bottom, add a hamburger patty, some gravy, and finish it off with a fried egg, and maybe if you have red hair and like a little heat you’ll add a few splashes of hot sauce. You know how some really unattractive people end up having the best looking kids? That’s this dish. It doesn’t seem like it should work, but just you try not loving it.

After indulging in such a delicacy a girl must walk  ...

... and perhaps shop.